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Darth Vader Transformers

Darth Vader PhotoDarth Vader Transformers

OK - for those of us who are Star Wars and Transformers fans, Star Wars Transformers are pretty much a must to own. Which of the Star Wars Transformers are the most popular? Darth Vader Transformers of course! And - the most popular of those is the Darth Vader Death Star Transformer toy from Hasbro.

There are actually a few very popular Darth Vader Transformers to choose from, including Darth Vader/Death Star, Darth Vader/TIE fighter, Darth Vader/Sith Starfighter. Here is some info on each:
  • Darth Vader/Death Star Transformer - As the nameDarth Vader Death Star Transformer implies, this Transformer toy changes from Darth Vader to the evil Death Star and back again. The special features include sounds (including Darth Vader talking), it includes cape, 3 weapons, 3 TIE fighters, 3 miniature figures and 3 AAA batteries. (Hey, batteries are included!)

    Note: The recommended age for the Darth Vader/Death Star Transformer is kids ages 5 and up, but there were some comments from parents of smaller children complaining that with rough play the toy didn't hold up well. So - use your best judgement for this, but I would actually recommend more like ages 8 and up.

    Pricing info for the Darth Vader/Death Star Transformer: I've seen this particular Darth Vader Transformer can vary in price more than a little, from place to place. (Some resources are charging as much as $100!) The best price that I found for this Darth Vader Transformer was on - final cost was around $40, based on prices of completed auctions (that includes shipping costs). If you need an alternate resource for this Darth Vader Transformer, try
  • Darth Vader/TIE fighter: This Darth Vader TransformerDarth Vader TIE Fighter Transformer Toy morphs from the evil Darth to TIE fighter, which he uses to look high and low for Luke Skywalker in order to bring him before the evil Emporer. The toy comes with 2 projectile lightsabers.

    Note: Although the price tag on this particular Darth Vader Transformer is less, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. There are multiple reports of it not holding up under play at all, and some pretty disappointed kids - parents too.

    Pricing Info: The cost for it generally runs between $30 and $35 retail, but I found Darth Vader/TIE Fighter on eBay for between $10 and $15 - including shipping.
  • Darth Vader/Sith Starfighter - This Darth VaderDarth Vader Sith Starfighter Transformer toy Transformer gets more "stars" that the TIE Fighter Darth Vader - with this toy, Darth Vader Transforms into the Sith Starfighter powerful war machine to battle all resistance to the evil Emporer - then he transforms back again. It includes 2 projectile lightsabers and a Darth Vader pilot (1 1/2" tall) for Sith Starfighter mode. Recommended age - 10 years and up.

    Pricing Info: Retail price for this toys runs around $45.00 - you can get it on, or try your luck getting Darth Vader/Sith Starfighter on eBay auctions for less.
I hope I've been of some help to you in making the right selection and getting a great price on these Darth Vader Transformers. Overall, they are very fun toys and I recommend them highly - I know from "mom" experience. :-)

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