Thursday, February 25, 2010

Razor Kids Scooters - Top 5 for Spring and Summer 2010

Coming into Spring of 2010, I thought I would put together a list for parents (and otherwise shoppers) for the Top 5 Razor Kids Scooters.  There are many more than what is listed to choose from including kicks, electric, electric seated, Pro, Pocket Mod and more, but it's likely that this of the top picks will at least point you in the right direction. (Recommended sales resources for more Razor Kids Scooters is listed at the end of the post if you don't find what you want here.)

Here they are...


1.  Razor A Kick Kids Scooter - Is it possible that the original Razor kick scooter is still the most popular?  Absolutely!  It also is a bit easier to buy for those on a budget - which may have something to do with its popularity during an economic slump.  And, it's a good choice for younger kids.

Recommended Age:  5 and older

More Info | Great Shopping:  Razor A Kick Kids Scooter

2.  Pro Model Razor Kids Scooter - You may have guessed from the name, but this scooter was designed and tested by the pros who know how a scooter should perform!  It is extremely lightweight and quite durable.

Recommended Age:  6 and older

More Info | Recommended Shopping:  Razor Kids Scooter - Pro Model

3.  Razor A2 Kick Kids Scooter - Here is a "step up" from the original kick scooter, this model having a shock absorbing system that makes for a smoother ride.  There is a cool "wheelie bar" on this model as well.

Recommended Age:  5 and older

More Info | Recommended Shopping:  Razor A2 Kids Kick Scooter

4.  E300 Electric Razor Kids Scooter - Here we jump right on up to the 3rd version of electric scooters from Razor, which comes in 4th in popularity of all the Razors.  This is a slick scooter, with a higher weight capacity and more features than other electrics.  A very nice scooter for those kids who prefer the motorized scooter over the kick.

Recommended Age:  12 and older

More Info | Recommended Shopping:  Razor Kids Scooter - the E300 Electric

5.  Razor A3 Kids Kick Scooter - The A3 model of the kick scooter has larger wheels and a bit more advanced shock system for a great ride.  If you're looking for a more advanced kick scooter with features such as a wheelie bar (newly designed) and plenty of durability, this might be the one.

Recommended Age:  6 and older

More Info | Recommended Shopping:  Razor A3 Kick Kids Scooter

Other scooters to check out:  Some other popular Razor Kids Scooters include the Razor A5 Lux, E100 Electric, Spark (I love this one), Razor Jr. Kiddie Scooter and the Pocket Mod (my fave).

And yes - there are plenty more to choose from, and a number of truly great shopping resources carry them for a very nice price.  Check out more all from a single page here:
Happy scootering!!  =)

Tonya B.

PS:  Additional Resource (More info, more scooters) - Razor Kids Scooters @ Squidoo

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