Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Step2 Lookout Treehouse for Kids and Where to Buy it Online

The Step2 Lookout Treehouse comes in at the top of a wonderful list - the best outdoor playhouses 2011 with regard to level of popularity, and it will likely stay quite popular for a while.

This particular kids’ play house is a good toy that makes it a lot more enjoyable for little ones to enjoy being outside - it is a type of a little home as well as mini back yard play area in one. It has steps on one part and a slide on the other side, and is a great choice for kids as young as 1 1/2 years old (up to about age 5).

Here are my choices for purchasing this particular outdoor treehouse online:

Buy it at CSN Toys and Games Online - Here is where we found the best price for the treehouse in terms of individual merchants. (As a note, we have been seeing more and more of CSN specialty stores, and they are a great place to find just about anything you might want to shop for online!)

Buy it at - This is another good place to check for this Naturally Playful outdoor playhouse - and there are other “Naturally Playful” choices there as well. We found it here for a good price.

Find it @ eBay - This is a more interesting place to buy this outdoor playset - there were not a huge number of auctions when we searched for it there (3 or 4), but it appears that it can (sometimes at least) be found for a lower price than anywhere else. It is possible that it can be found “gently used” (is there such a thing with toys that have been played with?) - for a much lower price.

If you're just checking this specific playhouse to compare it with a few alternatives, here is an additional place to check - regardless if you are shopping in the season of 2011 or later on:

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