Saturday, October 15, 2011

Top 3 Toys for 3 Year Old Boys 2011-2012

For this Yuletide season of 2011 into 2012, there are many great new toys to choose from for your child. To help make the choice quicker there's a special listing of the Top Toys for 3 Year Old Boys 2011-2012.

The products that make this listing are those having leading ratings for total profits along with typical customer acceptance. Listed below are the top 3 out of this list:



Sesame Street Let's Rock Elmo Toy:  This beloved Sesame Street figure could be popular in your residence. The Sesame Street Let's Rock Elmo Toy is a battery powered Elmo who features a tambourine, a drum set, microphone and sings 6 different tunes. Toddler selects an instrument to give to Elmo and he "magically" understands which one it is and begins rockin'. Elmo will even interact with some other Let's Rock devices that could be bought on their own. He knows when one of these are being performed by your kid and then he sings along. Elmo's 6 "AA" batteries are included. Great fun for your little music enthusiast.


Angry Birds Plush Toys:  One of the choices on the Best Toys for 3 Year Old Boys would be the Angry Birds Plush Toys with Sound. A spin off through the highly sought after Angry Birds game app, these incredibly soft, plush birds bring the game characters alive. Press the top and listen to authentic tunes from the game. They're approximately 5" in size and come in black, yellow, red, white or blue - each having a special face and appearance. They're offered separately. Any 3 year old will probably be delighted with one or more of these lovely little creatures. Excellent stocking stuffers!


Power Wheels Dune Racer Car:  Here's the Power Wheels Dune Racer. This child sized racer seats 2 having seat belts with an open cockpit. Hood opens to offer some storage space. It provides a sturdy steel frame, cool nubby tires and some shiny chrome furnishings. Run by a 12-volt battery (included with a charger), the racer drives 2.5 or 5mph in forward and 2.5mph backwards. The drive system would power up the vehicle over ruts, wet grass, gravel, mud and more. Your 3 year old aspiring driver may appreciate this mini race car.


Any of these top 3 Best Toys for 3 Year Old Boys 2011-2012 might please your toddler for this impending Holiday season in 2011 to early 2012. Buy early for perfect choices.

Click here for the complete list of the top 10 toys for 3 year old boys this year:

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