Saturday, June 22, 2013

Insect Toys For Science-Loving Kids

Children, more often than not, are fascinated by bugs! Or they're so disgusted that they're curious as long as the scuttling critters are at a distance. Either way, curiosity and insect discovery go hand-in-hand, as bugs make up some of the best science toys for kids, representing the circle of life on a smaller scale.

With the numerous reactions of both the excited and grossed out in mind, I've compiled a short-list of insect toys for the science-loving kids who can't seem to learn enough about creepy crawlies:


Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden

This is a popular favorite among entire families because the life cycle of a butterfly never ceases to be amazing. Included in this kit are a PVC fabric shell, food and feeder for the caterpillars, and a certificate to send-off and attain 5 butterfly larvae. In a few short weeks, children can experience the whole process of metamorphosis. They'll watch as the hungry caterpillars eat and grown, eventually traveling to the feeder lid to make their cocoons. Then, the magic really begins! Butterflies with dazzling wings are born in a matter of days, allowing children to enjoy nature at it's most brilliant.


Fascinations AntWorks Illuminated Blue

There's nothing cooler than getting to see the tunneling capabilities of ants! All working as one, they'll create a colony of twists and turns with multiple chambers to serve as burrowing rooms. Lit with a cool LED light from the bottom, this device comes with a couple handfuls of gel (also the ant's food) and a tunnel starting mechanism. There's also a voucher for ants to be sent in the mail, allowing kids to prepare the habitat in a matter of 6 weeks. Adults and children alike will enjoy watching the insects' mandibles go to work as they create amazing caverns and miniature caves within their jelly environment.

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