Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Modern Toys for Everyday 10-Year Olds

The best toys for kids ten years of age and up, offer a child creative outlets for their ever-changing imaginations.

In 2013, the modern toys are the most imaginative, usually involving electronics and several pieces that encourage children to take part in the assembly. They're learning experiences in boxes! And fun ones, at that!

The following 3 toys are perfect for everyday kids; those that want something more than the usual trike in the garage, or board game on rainy days. These toys offer more variety for imaginative kids of the modern era.


Huffy 20-Inch Green Machine

I’ve never seen a bike quite like this (in a good way)! It is decked in neon green with black and chrome accents, and one of the only trikes to feature an ergonomic joystick for sleek, fast steering. The wheels are slick for ultimate drifting and riding, while the molded seat is low-profile and adjustable to meet optimum safety standards. It’s a super-fun, wild ride for little daredevils that crave a little stunt trike in their lives. Plus, the whole frame is made from high-quality steel, meaning no rust, no breakdown, and all durability.

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LEGO Minecraft

This is as modern as it gets! Made in 2012, this game was originally spawned online and quickly flourished into something bigger and better for kids of all ages. There are over 400 buildable bricks of varying shapes and sizes, with 4 modules that can be built “above ground” and 4 to be structure “below ground.” The realm of Minecraft is one of fantasy as little architects will attempt to build walls between mythical creatures and imaginary villains. The whole building is layered and never stops changing! Kids are encouraged to build, tear down, and rebuild over and over again, creating a never-ending, multilayered effect.

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LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0

There are a whopping 619 in this LEGO set! Equipped with a 32-bit microprocessor and a large display screen, these bricks build to form 2 interactive, touch sensitive robots. The software to activate each creation is perfect for the PC or Mac with a drag-and-drop programming option for simple personalization and customization of the small intelligence levels of every structure. The color sensor has triple functionality with distinguinshing capabilities that can sense when the lights are on and off or when colors change. Additionally, it’s a perfect nightlight for kids that need an extra, robotic protection from nightmares.

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