Sunday, March 13, 2016

Three of the Best Bikes for Boys This Year

2016's Best Boys' Bikes Short Hot List

I handpick the best toys for your perusal every year, and every year, I am faced with the fact that kiddos are ever-changing in their interests and dislikes, especially little boys.

Young lads that range from toddler age to their teens are notorious for being challenging to buy for, but I have developed a system that covers all types of kids.

For example, the following three among the best bikes for boys are of course some of what is popular this year, but each one has a unique feature that would be the drawing point for little boys with varying interests—adventurous, extra-safe, and adrenalizing are the three types of bikes represented below.

You will also find that each of these bikes are decked out with awesome safety features, as well as adjustable almost-everything to grow with your tyke.


Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

Remember when I said one of the aforementioned best bikes was extra-safe? The Strider would be it. This bike is specifically designed to help little lads develop their coordination, concentration, balance, and overall bike-riding abilities.

There are no pedals—simply an adjustable seat, easier-turn handlebars, and two rugged tread wheels. Kids can either stay steady to practice their sit-alone balance. Or, they can push off with their feet to practice balancing while moving. This balance bike is best ridden on smooth surfaces—no downhills, of course. There are lots of colors available, too.


Kent Super 20 Inch Boys Bike

To continue taking from the descriptions above, the Kent Super bike is adrenalizing, which means it will give your kiddos a kick of adrenaline with a BMX frame, quick-release brakes, and a smooth-ride, twist-grip handlebar. In other words, this bike was built for stunts, and your energetic tyke will love every minute of it. The 7-speed gear shift is smooth and effortless, shifting to faster speeds in seconds. Be sure to equip youngsters with the usual helmet and pads for maximum safety.


Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster 12 Inch Boy’s Bike

Lastly, we have the Gravel Blaster for adventurous little boys. I love the green and black combo, especially in neon—reminds me of slime and cool monster movies. Anyways, this bike is a grow-with-me ride-on with an adjustable seat, removable training wheels, and coaster brakes. The wheels are prepped for small stunts when kiddos are ready to shed their trainers. Plus, the high-gloss finish ties the look together.


Still on the lookout for a great boys' bike?  Here is a video that might give you some more ideas:

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