Sunday, October 7, 2007

Special Post: About Retiring Webkinz

Retired Webkinz LogoWhat does it mean when a Webkinz "retires"? That means it goes out of production. There is a sort of a "game" that goes on along with the retiring of the Webkinz - it's a guessing game, with the question, "Which ones will be retired next?"

Let me explain...

There are basically two types of Webkinz fans:

1. Those who collect them, play with them and make use of them as stuffed plush animals and virtual pets.

2. Those who purchase them and keep them like new in hopes that they will retire, and that the price will go up and they can sell them at a profit.

Either way, these people are very curious about which Webkinz will be retiring - the collectors hope that they get them before they cost too much and the sellers buy them in hopes that the price will go up!

But Ganz doesn't announce which ones will retire, so it tends to be a bit of an unsure situation.

There are various resources online, however, that make predictions on which ones will retire, and the ones who are reliable sources are almost always correct. It appears to be possible then, to figure out at least most of the ones that are in the retirement lineup.

There's been quite a bit of "noise" about this amongst Webkinz fans, so I wanted to share some information I've come across. If you're curious about this, I've written a full article on the subject, and you can check it out: Click Here to View the Retiring Webkinz Page.

If you have some input on retiring Webkinz, or if you would just like to make a comment, feel free to submit a comment on this blog - I'd love to hear any info you have to offer!


Wooden toys said...

They retire webkinz for new webkinz to come out. This is mostly because sometimes they have a low rate of purchase for some webkinz so they retire them but some are coming back like the cat and the dog...

Anonymous said...

Webkinz that retire... That's some subject! One question that many people have is this: "Will my Webkinz value really jump if it retires?" This is an important question. Think about it. If you buy a webkinz just for its retirement value, will someone want to buy it in the future just to let it collect dust? The website was made for children's enjoyment, not for future financial benefits. Think about this next time someone goes to buy a Webkinz; Will you use it?

Anonymous said...

its the dalmatian