Thursday, October 18, 2007

Top 10 Toys for Kids

Top 10 LogoThe word is out! Toy Wishes magazine has published the top toys of 2007 (and part of 2008) - these are predicted to sell out during the Christmas Holiday season this year.

For each toy listed, links will be provided for you to do a bit of price shopping. These are places I researched in terms of having the best prices at this writing (Oct., 2007). Note: I won't state outright which online resources have the best prices, because the prices are subject to change based on competition and demand.

The best prices I found online were at,, and -- so without further delay, here they are:


#1. American Idol Talent Challenge

Pricing Links:
American Idol Talent Challenge - Amazon aStore
American Idol Talent Challenge on eBay

#2. Aqua Dots Super Studio
(Note: This toy has been recalled as being potentially dangerous for children.)

#3. Barbie Girls

Pricing Links:
Barbie Girls on Amazon aStore

#4. Eye Clops

Pricing Links:
Eye Clops on Amazon aStore
Price Eye Clops on
Price Eye Clops on

#5. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Pricing Links:
Guitar Hero III on Amazon aStore
Guitar Hero III on

Hannah Montana Singing Dolls & Pop Stage

Pricing Links:
Hannah Montana on Amazon aStore
Price Hannah Montana on

#7. Nerf N-Strike Disk Shot

Pricing Links:
aStore: Nerf N-Strike Disk Shot
Nerf N-Strike @

Rubik's Revolution

Pricing Links:
Amazon aStore: Rubik's Revolution
Rubik's Revolution on

Fisher-Price Smart Cycle (and Video Games)

Pricing Links:
aStore: Top Ten Toys - Fischer-Price Smart Cycle
Fischer-Price Smart Cycle on

#10. Spotz

Pricing Links:
Spotz on Amazon aStore
Spotz on


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Thanks for visiting my Top 10 Toys for Kids Post - I hope this helps you with your Christmas (or other) toy shopping!

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