Sunday, October 17, 2010

Top 5 Baby Dolls 2010

My goodness - baby dolls certainly have come a long way since I was a girl - which can be seen from the top 5 baby dolls 2010

These dolls do not simply "eat" and "wet" these days - there are many other features that go along with them, including more - ahem - bodily functions!  =)

I find myself (again) wishing that these toys were available when I was little!

Here they are - the best baby dolls 2010 by popular demand:

1. Baby Alive Sips and Cuddles Baby Doll

Ages: For girls 18 months old and up

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Here it is -- the most popular baby doll for girls coming into the holiday season of 2010. The "Sips and Cuddles" doll is quite lifelike - it makes drinking noises when being fed and giggles when held.

Merchant Info: Your little girl will love caring for her SIPS & CUDDLES baby figure just like you cared for her. When she holds her new little baby and gives her a bottle, this special little friend makes drinking sounds and when the two of them are snuggling, this soft baby doll makes giggling sounds — just like a real baby. But even with these fun features, there’s one job that’s still all up to you: tucking your little girl in as she cuddles up with her baby for the night.

2. LIttle Mommy Play All Day Baby Doll

Ages: For girls 2-6 years old

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In addition being pretty cute, this "little lady" responds to just about anything that her "mommy" does.

Merchant Info: Little Mommy Play All Day Baby: With Play All Day baby, little girls can use their imaginations to unlock tons of fun play and bring baby to life. As you move your Play All Day baby, she'll react with all sorts of sweet and silly phrases and sounds. Play along, and see what she'll do next. Doll recognizes different playful positions like bouncing, flipping, flying like a birdie, upside down and dancing and responds accordingly with lots of silly sounds and phrases.

3. Corolle Mon Premier Baby Dolls

Ages: For girls 18 months to 4 years of age

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This is an absolutely lovely lineup of baby dolls - not only are they cute, they have a soft filled body that makes them very "cuddlable" and poseable as well.

Merchant Info: Corolle Mon Premier is the perfect “my first baby” doll. A soft bean filled body allows this doll to posed and played with like a real baby. The vinyl limbs and face are supple and have a mild vanilla scent that children love. The eyes open and close, so it can take a nap just like a real baby! This lightweight doll is fun to carry around, hug, and snuggle. Adorable and durable, this doll can stand up to the roughest play.

4. Baby Alive Whoopsie Doo Baby Doll

Ages: For girls 3-6 years of age

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An interesting twist on baby doll diaper changing - not only does this doll wet, it also goes "poo." It comes with some cute and useful accessories for playtime.

Merchant Info: * Feed this amazing lifelike doll that "eats" and "poops"
* In her doll diaper after you feed her a bottle!
* Doll comes with bottle, 2 packets of doll juice mix
* 2 doll diapers, rattle and t-shirt
* Playing "mommy" is more fun than ever with this BABY ALIVE doll

5. My 1st Disney Princess Baby Dolls

Ages: For girls 2 years old and up

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These truly would be a little girls first Disney Princess baby dolls - they are styled to look and feel like infant age children, with a number of different princesses to choose from.

Merchant Info: Your favorite Disney Princesses as cute cuddly babies! Choose from Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Ariel and the newest Princess, Tiana. Each 12 inch soft bodied Princess is dressed in an adorable onesie in her signature color and a tiara.

Yes, these are cute.

Yes, these have some adorable and fun features.

And yes - there are more to choose from. =)

If you would like to check out some more in addition to the top 5 baby dolls 2010, here is where to look:
All for now!  =D

Tonya B.


warhammer space marine said...

With all the different doll manufacturers there are today, it can sometimes get confusing on what kind of doll is best to buy. Besides having to determine which manufacturer is the best one to go with, you then need to figure out which kind of doll is suited best for the purpose. Do you want a hand crafted doll, Artist doll, play doll, designer doll, licensed doll? It can get confusing.

Olivemom said...

Why does it specify "for girls" in the "ages" section? I find that troubling.

Tonya Brisnehan said...

Hi Olivemom,

Thanks for your comment.

When I publish information on toys for kids, I base my information on what I find the majority of people are searching for based on research that I do.

This in no way is to indicate that these dolls are only for girls.