Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Top 5 Teddy Bears 2010

Whether someone might be searching for a more modern and popular teddy bear for kids, or if someone might be looking for something more along the lines of a classic, there is very likely something among the top 5 teddy bears 2010 that will work quite nicely.

Some of these names - especially for those who might be more than a bit familiar with this type of toy - are probably going to be very familiar.  Even for adult collectors, it is likely that some of these will be found quite appealing!  =)

Here are the top 5 teddy bears this year:


1. Melissa and Doug Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear

Ages: Recommended for kids age 3 to 6

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This "little guy" stands at 36 inches tall, and is consistently one of the most sought after teddy bears ever.  Soft, cuddly and very, very lovable. 

Merchant Info: This jumbo brown teddy bear plush has floppy limbs that dangle, making him a loveable, huggable friend. Standing 36" tall, he is a soft, cuddly, premium-quality giant plush. This impressive stuffed bear has realistic characteristics and is perfect for play or display. Measures 36" tall when standing; measures 30" high when sitting.

2. Toy Story 3 Lotso Huggin' Teddy Bear

Ages: For kids 4 years of age and up

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Here he comes - Lotso! And, not just any Lotso - he giggles when his feet are tickled and specializes in hugging kids. =)

Merchant Info: Lotso, The Huggin Bear 14" tall laughs if you tickle feet Soft plush body with velcro hands for easy hugging. Poseable arms / legs. Eyes close when laid down. Press left hand to hear Toy Story phrases, right hand to hear Come Alive phrases as in movie. Responds accordingly to tone / volume of your voice. Knows if you shout or speak softly.

3. Gund Brighton Teddy Bear

Ages: For kids 3 years of age and up

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Here is Brighton. He is available in different sizes and with slightly different themes.

Merchant Info: Big Brighton is a snow white bear who will win the hearts of all. Big Brightom stands a foot and a half tall and comes with a white -- his favorite color -- bow around his neck.

4. Gund Manni Teddy Bear

Ages: For kids age 3 and up

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OK now - how could someone deny that face? Truly one of the more adorable teddy bears ever. Available in various sizes.

Merchant Info: Always a source of charm and comfort, GUND's line of teddy bears warms the heart of teddy bear enthusiasts young and old. Manni is made of soft material and wears a light, pastel-colored scarf. Measures approximately 17 inches tall.

5. Russ Berrie Corduroy Teddy Bear

Ages: For kids 1 year old and up

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Even just today, I saw this little guy in a book. He has been a classic character for generations, and to this day is one of the best teddy bears around - Corduroy! =)

Merchant Info: What is brown, cuddly and wears green overalls? Why, beloved children's book hero Corduroy. A family favorite for more than three decades.

Although the top 5 teddy bears this year as listed above are apparently the most looked for by consumers, there most definitely are more to pick from. More from the classic names as well as one that I have not even heard of!

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