Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Greatest Angry Birds Toys in 2013

BOOM! This year's Angry Birds activities are very similar to the reaction most people have from yelling this word at the top of their lungs. Excitement and anticipation mixed! The newest additions to the AB franchise are proving to be super-popular in the world of imaginative youngsters.

Brimming with birdies and portly pigs, the following 3 Angry Birds toys in 2013 are based on the original AB theme. One of them requires flinging and destruction – just like the game. While another combines 2 franchises in 1, opting for a snuggly, awesome, bedtime buddy. And the last relies on an AB twist on a classic board game!


Angry Birds Mega Fling Game

This game is an adorable twist on an AB favorite! Traditional and classic, these Angry Birds are launched free-form through the air to knock-over their piggy foes. There are 6 Angry Birds and 4 neon-green Pigs to contend with, while an electronic launcher plays songs and birdy sounds during the catapulting. The 29 game pieces also includes a deck of playing cards with actions and numbers written on them. These actions serve as instructions, dictating which bird is flung and how many pigs your youngster will be aiming for. Plus, there are cool guidelines on how to strategically stack building blocks for a stronger defense for piglets.


Angry Birds Star Wars Plush Toys Chewbacca

When I was a kid, Chewbacca was my absolute favorite in the Star Wars series! I can even imitate his signature call… which sounds oddly like the same growl from Lion on the Wizard of Oz. Shrug! Who knew! Now, that trademark sound can be conveyed while playing with a snuggly, cuddly combination of 2 awesome franchises – Star Wars and Angry Birds. He’s super-furry, allover adorable, and perfect for snuggling away those nightmares of neon-green piggies and Darth Vader.


Angry Birds Space Race Game

This is an Angry Birds twist on the tried-and-true board game “Sorry!” The AB gang are on the search for greedy pigs that have stolen their precious eggs. Go around the board with up to 4 players and 16 Angry Birds pieces, and a neon-green center-dice that looks oddly like a piggy. The objective is to get all of your pieces to the designated areas around the board without being thwarted by vicious oinkers or your fellow, feathered friends. It’s an intergalactic space race with an instructional guide for good measure!

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