Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Most Creative Crayola Toys in 2013-2014

The most creative toys from Crayola are completely new, yet equally as exciting, reliable, and amazing as those tried-and-true products that youngsters and parents love.

Crayola is diving deep to grasp unique concepts of melting, molding, and recreating. All of their new toys are 100% reusable, and most of those are with no refills ever required (unless you want to expand your set).

Out of a list of these brand-new, super-cool, ultra-creative knickknacks, I’ve picked 3 of the 2013 Crayola toys that could be considered the very best of the best. They’re the new classics and instant favorites that will light-up your youngster’s smile of pride, keeping kiddos happy for hours on end.


Crayola Create 2 Destroy Dino Destruction Metropolitan Mayhem

Dinosaurs attacking little clay towns that are custom-built and designed to be destroyed? Absolutely! Youngsters will adore this set of 2 super-cool destructive Dinos that wreak havoc on a colorful cityscape of your kiddos making. The dough is gritty, which means it holds together extremely well without leaving a massive mess for Mom later. The textures are also heavier than typical molding clay, allowing kids to stack and build towering structures for T-Rex to tear down.

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Crayola Marker Maker

When it comes to getting truly artistic, blending and subtly mixing primary colors is a forte that deserves a closer look. Not only are the resulting hues beautiful, but the brilliance and risk of the artist is astounding – even at a young age. Miniature Picassos can create their own markers and then utilize them when coloring, drawing, and writing. The fine-tipped points are perfect for tracing, outlining, and light-shading, while the overall mixed shades will last for weeks (depending on how often your cutie colors).

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Crayola Create 2 Destroy Fortress Invasion Ultimate Destruction Playset

It’s a battle unlike anything you’ve ever seen! Siblings, friends, and even parents can get in on the warrior action of this super-awesome Fortress set. There are various colors and a blue-print map that shows children how to play and make the most out of their imaginations. Simply sculpt and stack a fortress with towering walls, have an opponent do the same, and see who can tear the other’s structure down first. It’s a bonding experience in a box! Additionally, clean-up is super-easy, as the dough is less crumbly than the usual molding clay. This means no mess, no fuss, and tons of clean fun!

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