Wednesday, January 28, 2015

3 Super-Cool Toys For 8 Year Old Boys in Early 2015

2014-2015's Top Ranked Toys for Boys Age 8

Little boys sometimes present a challenge when their interests begin to develop, especially when they have a room brimming with toys of one kind and suddenly decide they no longer enjoy any of those toys.

I have firsthand experience and knowledge where this is concerned, and I dealt with it by gathering old knickknacks for Goodwill, and replacing those with some of the best toys for 8 year old boys.

These toys are hand-picked for the best 3, and each one represents an array of unique interests for your flourishing, imaginative, pint-size prince.

For either birthdays or holiday gifting, these toys are the lifesaver, miracle, and godsend that you would come to cherish as being perfect for your picky, growing kiddo.

Those 3 super-cool toys for 8 year old boys are –


Zoomer Dino – Boomer

Boomer is a zooming dinosaur with all of the usual greatness that makes a Tyrannosaurus Rex awesome. He has the teeny-tiny arms, strong legs, and powerful jaws with a set of sharp teeth to match his fierce, bulky appearance – only Boomer is way friendlier and much less carnivorous.

Instead of chasing your youngster around to make a snack out of him, Boomer is the type of T-Rex that would play a game of chase for the sheer friendship factor.

Kids can also bond with Boomer through learning games and interactive playtime.


NERF Mega Thunderbow Blaster

I immediately think of the AC/DC song “Thunderstruck” when I see this NERF blaster. Named after the BOOMING power of Thunder, these go-to, backyard-battling gadgets exude power, versatility, and strength.

These blasters are vivid red with black accents, and each one is bulky enough to make quite an impression without being too bulky for small hands.

In addition to being easy-grasp and perfect for garden combat with giggling enemies, these blasters feature firm darts that reload easily, and they are soft enough to provoke a laugh and a response of “Aw, man!” without the “OW!”


Crayola Paint Maker

Awesome in bold, primary colors, Crayola has created an innovative method for the usual paint-mixing that comes with being super-artsy and creative.

Where mixing and making new paints would typically result in a mess, these paint colors are actually strips that liquefy and transform into paint when they are placed inside the Crayola shaker.

Plus, there are reusable plastic containers for kiddos to pour their new paint colors into. Perfect for everyday painting without the messiness.


PS:  Each year, my website (Top 10 Store) is updated a couple times, providing fresh lists of toys for boys and girls by age and other categories.  Here is the current list for boys age 8:

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