Monday, August 3, 2015

Fun Toys Your 2 Year Old Will Love in 2015

I have found that most parents expect the twos to be terrible, which means they can unknowingly cause themselves and their kiddos stress because they EXPECT that toddler-age to be unpleasant. I have also found that most kids are just wound up with energy at this age, meaning they need more to occupy their developing minds and flourishing imaginations.

With this, and peace for parents, in mind, I have compiled a short list from the best toys for 2 year olds. These toys are colorful, attention-grabbing, and fun, giving your tiny tyke something to look forward to.

And when your babies are happy and occupied, you are less likely to stress and worry over impending toddler tantrums.

Here is the short-list:


Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag

Building blocks are some of my favorite toys ever, regardless of age. The convenient, reusable bag uses a zipper to secure 80 blocks after youngsters are finished building. Kids can literally take these blocks anywhere for building fun and hours of imaginative playtime.

The colors of these building blocks are primary, which is a learning experience in a bag. Plus, there are Mega Bloks sets everywhere, and these building blocks are compatible with those other sets. Genius! These blocks encourage your toddlers to use their imaginations and creativity.


Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure Swing

These swings are everywhere – parks, schools, backyard playgrounds…you name it. The only difference is, the Little Tikes version is sturdier and safer, providing a snug and secure fit for kids who love to swing. The T-bar holds toddlers in place, and for extra support, kids can loop their arms through adjustable shoulder straps.

Of course, parents or siblings will have to be the ‘pushers,’ but that only makes family bonding time twice as amazing.


Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench

My mother has told me stories about when I was a toddler, and most of them focus on how much noise I loved to make. I would gather pots and pans from the kitchen cabinets, plus a wooden spoon (you know, for banging on stuff), and pound away on my impromptu instruments.

This pounding bench would have been heaps better, and it would have saved my parents a few headaches. Kids use a colorful little hammer to pound down rows of smiling, colorful pegs. The pegs cannot be removed, but they can be pushed up to standing positions again for hours of pounding fun.


Here is another video resource to check over - a bit of a longer list, again of top toys for 2 year old kids in 2015:

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