Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Insider’s Guide to the Best Stuffed Animals

Some Great Kids' Stuffed Animals for 2015

Do you remember the Lorax from those Dr. Seuss books? He was a cuddly, adorable creature who spoke for the trees. I like to think of myself as the stuffed animal equivalent of the Lorax. I am the writer and I speak for the stuffed animals! Ha!

Okay, so maybe that was a corny introduction, but in this case, I really do speak for the best stuffed animals on the market. Those with cuddly, snuggly, awesome qualities that would make youngsters (and those young-at-heart) happy to have, hug, and hold at bedtime.

Without further ado – these are my top 3 picks for those aforementioned bests where stuffed, plush animals are concerned.


LeapFrog My Pal Violet

Violet is…well… violet – the color, and her beautiful vividness has leaked into her interior, making her the sweetest, cutest stuffed animal ever. Okay, maybe not EVER – but she is definitely a contender for the title.

Designed to somewhat resemble an adorable puppy, Violet features educational push-buttons on her paws and tummy. She teaches counting, sorting, shapes, the alphabet, and more in sing-along songs, little lessons, and awesome, interactive games. She is also soft and slightly squishy with a plush tummy that is perfect for hugs and snuggles when your kiddo is less about learning and more about naptime.


LeapFrog My Pal Scout

Scout is the cool big brother of Violet – only he is colored in shades of vibrant green. His beautiful tones have also soaked into his center, making his vivid personality shine from the inside out.

He loves making new friends and has a slew of sing-along songs that he can teach your youngster. Scout also has push-buttons on his paws, belly, and noggin – each one does something different, and kids are sure to learn unique, new things on a daily basis about a variety of different subjects.


Sesame Street Lullaby & Good Night Elmo

When I think of Sesame Street – I think of words like wholesome, healthy, and kid-friendly. Everything that Sesame Street represents is amazing and positive for the development of your youngster, which is why I can completely, undeniably encourage Elmo as the perfect bedtime buddy and lullaby friend.

He is soft and cuddly in his matching pajamas, and he sings soothing, rhyming lullabies that will immediately calm your kiddo, sending them gently into dreamland. Elmo also remains silent while little ones sleep, awakening at the simple push of a button when they’re ready to play again. Good night, Elmo!


Here is a little video I put together - more ideas on stuffed animals for kids in 2015:

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