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Awesome Water Toys - Just in Time for Summer 2014

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 Top 3 Water Toys for Kids Summer 2014

What did summer mean to you when you were a youngster? Personally – summertime revolved around no school, plenty of friends, and tons of water.

We would have massive backyard battles with water-balloons – the “we” being me and my best neighborhood buddies, whose parents were conveniently friends with mine.

And now – decades later, and with my own kiddos – the summertime expectations I had are almost the exact same for them. Which is why I have chosen 3 of the best water toys in 2014 – each more exciting and soaking than the last.

Presenting the awesome summery trio:


Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Sprinkler

I simply love the look of the Sunny Patch Sprinkler. It resembles a gardening patch that is dotted with neon-pink and light-pink flowers on stems that wave in the breeze. Only these stems wave when there is water pushed through by the power of an attached watering hose (that you provide, of course).

The blossoms send sprays of water in all directions, encouraging kiddos to run around and through the spritzes. And I am sure they will be screaming and giggling with delight for every step they take.

An awesome way to cool down when those summertime heat-waves make an appearance.


Prime Time Toys Splash Bombs Paddle Set

A watery game that is kind-of like tennis – the fun begins when splish-splash balls are whacked to release the pent-up water within.

These balls are absolutely soaked beforehand in a swimming pool or very-large bathtub – and then 2 players smack the balls back and forth to get completely spritzed themselves.

Kiddos can keep score, make up their own rules, or create an entirely new game. And the super-absorbent fabric is lightweight, ultra-soft, and even perfect for seashore playtime.


NERF Super Soaker Switch Shot Blaster

A classic tried-and-true option for summertime fun – this Super Soaker has been around since the early 90’s. And it has never been more awesome with better features!

From the bigger, better NERF, this blaster fires a stream of cooling water toward opponents at over 25-feet away. There is a 20-ounce capacity for water – which can be refilled extremely fast for continuous backyard battling.

In addition – these are reasonably inexpensive, and I highly encourage parents to pick one up for every member of the family. It is the ultimate bonding tool for families and friends who enjoy cooling down while kicking butt.

Here is a nifty vid - the "top 5" water toys for kiddos for this summer, based on both sales and review rankings:


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