Monday, July 21, 2014

Safe, Secure, and Super-Fun Playhouses in 2014

The top selling and most highly rated kids' playhouses in 2014 are the ones that are safe and secure – giving kiddos a super-fun way to spend their summers and providing parents their peace of mind. Plus – these are great for getting youngsters to play outside for a while – away from the overwhelming technological advancements of the iPad age.

I have hand-selected a trio of amazing playhouses that give kids the opportunity to nurture and simply have their own little homes. These houses rely on imagination to make them super-fun – and kiddos can use household items from their real homes to furnish and arrange their play-home properly.

Those aforementioned 3 hand-picked among the best kids' playhouses this year are:


Little Tikes Picnic on the Patio Playhouse

What makes summertime complete? Picnics! And this playhouse has a custom little nook for picnics in the great outdoors. The cottage is adorable and kid-sized to fit 2-4 toddlers between the ages of 1-4 (or perhaps 5). It depends on what the parent feels is an appropriate age – to be honest.

But I digress.

This cottage also features a window alongside the small kitchenette – complete with burners – an oven – a little fireplace – and a pantry. Which all comes to life with a pinch of imagination!


Step2 Naturally Playful Storybook Cottage

Out of this awesome trio – this little cottage is my absolute favorite! It looks like something straight from a fairytale – and it could really be anything. Kiddos can imagine a witch’s hut – or a small hutch for the woodland nymphs – or perhaps a stony home for a valiant knight.

With a bit of imaginative and creative ingenuity, this playhouse becomes so much more than plastic and a few beams. It becomes a stone-style house with a thatch roof, forest-green shutter, and a bright-red door with windows to announce the arrival of esteemed guest.


Little Tikes Secret Magical Playhouse

I imagine this is where a genie would live. Or perhaps a cluster of fairies with their magical creatures. Direct from a storybook – this playhouse is another one of my favorites because of the whimsical designs. Instead of a real fence, the side of the house is molded with bells, flowers, and beautiful fencing – each more detailed and realistic than the next.

There is also a miniature red door that is chunky and easy-grasp for little hands. As well as a trio of sloped windows and colorful decals so kiddies can decorate their new homes however they want.


Here is a "cute little ditty" video to go along with this theme - the top selling playhouses for kids this summer:

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