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Super-Cool Balance Bikes for Little Boys & Girls in 2014

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We have all heard the old saying – “as easy as riding a bike” - but you would be surprised how many people have never ridden a bicycle. Or how many people wouldn’t know where to begin if presented with the opportunity to ride a bicycle. But those who have learned owe the majority of their biking skills to learning how to keep their bicycle and themselves balanced as children.

And with this in mind – I have comprised a short list featuring 3 of the best bikes for kids in 2014. Each of the bikes in this selection are perfect for little girls and boys who are just learning to keep their balance. No pedals. No chains. Just simple balancing to teach kiddos the essentials of beginning to ride their future bike.


Strider ST-4 No-Pedal Balance Bike

Adorable in pink, but available in other colors, the Strider is a no-pedal balancer that starts rolling through kick-offs.

Kiddos can plant their feet firmly on the ground, find their balance, and kick off gently to get the wheels moving. This gives them a chance to practice their riding balance with their feet drawn up. But they’re still at a safe distance away from the ground that their feet can stop them from toppling should they lose their balance. And each of these bikes has a handlebar grip for easy grasping by smaller hands.


Kazam Balance Bike

KAZAM!  What an awesome word. I think it perfectly describes the feeling of intense elation and excitement when kiddos finally get the hang of balancing on a bicycle.

Even more-so when balancing becomes peddling. And then peddling becomes full-out riding, racing, and attempting daring tricks.

But I digress.

This bike features an adjustable seat with a foot platform that allows youngsters to kick off from the ground and start rolling to practice their mobile balance.


Schwinn Boys’ 12-Inch Grit Bike

Okay – so this bike is not strictly for balancing, but it definitely is for toddlers who are learning the ins and outs of bike riding.

A handlebar on the back allows parents, caregivers, or older siblings keep ahold of kiddos when they’re attempting to balance. And if that balancing act becomes too much, adults can grab the handlebar to steady their kids again.

In addition, the training wheels help with learning to pedal – but they can be detached when you feel the time is right.


Here is a cute little vid - the top 5 (by popularity + reviews) bikes for toddlers in 2014:

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