Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stickers For The Kids That Love Them

Sticker books are timeless! It's a past time that has amused and delighted generations of kids and adults alike. Classic and simple, there are no batteries required, no special technology to download, and it still offers hours of fun. An original that never fails to impress, stickers are all that greater in abundance, as kids want to adorn every inch of available space.

The following short-list of sticker books are filled to brimming with stickers for the kids that can't get enough of the cool designs and impromptu adornments.


1000 Stickers (Roger Priddy)

Enormous and perfect, each of these 120-pages is overflowing with different stickers. This book also has an ulterior purpose: teaching kids their ABCs and showing them which items begin with which letters. For example, each sticker is a photographic picture, numbered to match the blank, shaped spaces on the ABC pages. It's up to kids to find the correct stickers to make the entire book colorfully complete! For little free spirits, the stickers can be peeled and stuck to blank paper or other appropriate surfaces. No rules!


Disney Princess Enchanted Ultimate Sticker Book (DK Publishing)

For little ladies and gents with a love for all things Disney, this book is filled with beautiful princesses and their corresponding accessories. 10 royal gals have lost their looks and details; it's up to kids to read and find the correct sticker to give these leading Disney lasses their identities. They'll complete each of the Disney stories in a collection of 60 pages!


Petting Zoo Sticker Activity Book (Cathy Beylon)

Small and animal-oriented, these stickers are perfect for travel-sized packages. Ideal for distracting kids while driving to vacation spots, there are a total of 25 awesome stickers to peel and replace on 4 glossy pages of zoo scenarios. It's a great way for kids to stay busy and entertained while mom or dad take a little time to do other things.

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