Friday, May 3, 2013

The Greatness of Dive Sticks

When you're young, a swimming pool is a whole other world, where troubles with friends and problems at school can melt away. I spent the majority of my summers submerged, watching the sunlight make ripples at the pool's base. I suffered many a sunburn in those summers! But, what always made it better were the afternoons I spent splashing friends and playing with the ultimate swimming pool toys for kids. In other words... dive sticks! Nowadays, kids think dive sticks are somewhat fun, but they don't really grasp how beneficial and entertaining they can be.

First of all, how are dive sticks beneficial?

Dive sticks encourage children to hold their breath and venture under water. Starting in the shallow end, they'll soon find the courage to brave the deep end (under parental supervision), searching for more dive sticks to collect. It pushes kids who are just learning how to swim, because they'll want to retrieve the toys just like their siblings or parents. Think of it as a reward to them for learning how to swim and experimenting with their depth.

Some of the best and most appealing, modern dive sticks are:


Intex Wet Products Dive Sticks

Structured out of smooth, soft, and flexible rubber, these dive sticks have the advantage of never breaking or eroding. They can be sunk in water for days without the risk of deteriorating. The super bright colors are easy to see, and each stick will sink slowly, allowing eager kids to grab and collect them before they hit the bottom.


Swimways Original Toypedo Diving Pool Toy

With varying colors and styles, these dive sticks are better suited to experienced underwater players. Each toypedo is 12 inches long and capable of spinning 30 feet into the water. The pack comes with game suggestions, like a simple toss back-and-forth or race diving to see who can collect the most, the fastest.

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