Thursday, September 25, 2014

Intex Swimming Pools for Baby's Backyard Fun

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One of the most amazing parts about having a youngster in the baby stage was their reaction to water for the first time. Summers were captured with Polaroid pictures and framed or pasted into albums. Oh – the memories!

Now – not only is the process of memory-making and sharing those memories an easier task – but backyard fun for babies is more entertaining than ever. Especially with the best kiddie pools in 2014 – each comprised of high-grade materials from Intex; a brand dedicated to safety, security, and fun.

Based on a general consensus from parents seeking peace of mind – these pools are cozy and perfectly safe for your baby. And those 3 Intex beauties are:


Intex Mushroom Baby Pool

So adorable! This miniature pool makes me long for a baby again – kinda. Almost. Maybe not – but it IS really cute! And babies would go gaga for the gorgeous colors and fantastical designs. Their eyes would simply light up!

The interior is padded and soft to protect baby’s bottom from the rough-and-tough terrain beneath. And a built-in mushroom overtop sprinkles drizzling of cool water over your youngster’s head. Plus – smaller mushroom accents around the rim give baby something to play with while getting playfully spritzed from head to toe.


Intex Rainbow Ring Pool

I am a HUGE fanatic when it comes to rainbows and rainbow-colored everything. And if these colors are dazzling to me – then they are sure to be twice as stunning and beautiful to the bright, curious eyes of a toddler.

This ring-shaped pool features a nifty wading area, a slippery (kid-sized) slide, and water sprinkler. There are also 4 rings and an inflatable pole that can be used for an awesome game of ring toss. Plus – a bonus ball offers quick games of toss-and-roll.


Intex Summer Sunset Glow Baby Pool

For multiple toddlers – or just one – this baby pool is simple and sleek in a colorful ring that resembles the lovely hues of sunshine setting in summertime. The composing fabrics are durable, reliable, and strong – made from a mixture of vinyl – for no shredding, scraping, or scratching. This means your baby’s new swimming pool will stay new, clean, and in-commission throughout summer.

The soft interior is padded to support and comfort a baby’s sensitive bottom. And to get kiddos used to the water, you can use this as a wading pool – but be sure to change the water every 2-3 days and keep it covered when not in use.


Here is a cute little video "short" - the best swimming pools for the kiddos this year:

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