Monday, September 29, 2014

The Best Backyard Playgrounds in 2014

One of the best things about being a kid is summertime. The sun is shining high – the weather is oh-so-warm – and there are more things to do. This could apply to adulthood as well, but being a youngster is simply better.

How come? Well – think about it. It might seem a little out of the ordinary if a grown woman started jumping for joy because her local park had a swing set.

But kiddos can delight in the small things without being judged. And one of the best parts about summertime IS that aforementioned swing set – and those get better every year.

An example? The following 3 of the best backyard playgrounds in 2014:


Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Plastic Play Center with Glider

The Adventure Lodge is my personal favorite! I love the treehouse style of the little attached playhouse – alongside a duo of regular swings, a 2-seater glider, and awesome, curvy slide. Plus – this one is designed for kiddos from a young age (3 years) to slightly older (around 8 or 9). And a climbing ladder assists youngsters with getting to the hide-nook at the top – complete with windows and an easy-open door.


Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Playground Set

One of the great things about these playgrounds is the coloring – as each one is slightly different. The Big Stuff comes in 2 shades – for backyard matching (there are people who do that) – and the entire structure is free-standing for almost-immediate playtime.

This playground takes kiddos on a sliding, climbing, swinging adventure of exploration – across a curvy slide, awesome miniature rock-wall, stepping rope-ladder, and a duo of high-flying swings. Additionally, there is a small, canopied treehouse at the very top where youngsters can hide away – and a nook under the slide for an impromptu sandbox.


Little Tikes Clubhouse Playground Set

In my experience – toddlers can sometimes feel intimidated by a playground that seems to loom over them. And when you think about it like that – then, yeah, the thought is pretty daunting. Which is why the Clubhouse is SO awesome. It is completely toddler-sized with toddler-sized everything.

There is a miniature treehouse that is canopied and perfect for youngsters ages 2-6. And a climbing ladder helps kiddos get there! Plus – there are double toddler-safe swings and a curvy slide that is settled low to the ground for fearless fun. Additionally, the entire playground is comprised of expertly molded plastic – so you can assemble it in minutes.


Find the current top-selling playgrounds for the backyard:

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