Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Swimming Pool Toys That Double as Great Games

I love the summertime and all that this season entails – especially when my youngsters start getting antsy about spending their sun-shining days outdoors.

With that in mind – I have conveniently hand-picked a "top" list of swimming pools toys for kids. And each of these double as a great game that kiddos can play underwater. Where we might have had Marco Polo, children these days have a plethora of awesome, swimming pool playtime options.

Without further ado – here are the 3 among the best swimming pool toys I chose:


Melissa & Doug Maritime Mates Memory Game

The idea behind this little game is brilliant! Kiddos distribute these bright-yellow seashell-shaped clams across the water – where they float until someone scoops them up again. Inside each shell is a picture of a quirky, friendly little sea-creature – and the object of the game is to find the matching pair of shells with the same creatures inside. Hence the name Memory Game.

All of these are chlorine and fade resistant! And they are perfect for either the swimming pool or bathtub.


Stream Machine Swim Thru Rings

Before the controversy of Sea World this year – you could see dolphins and whales flipping through rings in their aquariums. Now – there are made-for-TV movies with the same content – but mermaids are included and the rings are usually worth points. This is where these swim-through rings come in.

Youngsters can play their own games of aquarium-dwelling sea-creatures. Or they can be the point-awarded mer-people who attempt to wiggle through the rings to earn a few seashells. Or, perhaps, your kiddos can use their imaginations to come up with an entirely new game with these collapsible rings of awesomeness.


Melissa & Doug Undersea Treasure Hunt

Admittedly – I would love to have this one for myself! Not only is this treasure box oh-so-much fun – but it can help with underwater abilities, such as holding breath or diving. A nifty treasure chest has 6 coin and diamond-shaped sinkers within – all guarded by a friendly-looking Octopus. And there are multiple ways to play.

One swimmer can dive down to hide the treasure chest – complete with booty – at the bottom of the swimming pool. And then unleash other swimmers to find it. Or swimmers can scatter the gems and coins across the surface, wait for them to sink, and then retrieve them for points.


Here are more suggestions - an updated "top 10" list of swimming pool toys for the current year:

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