Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The 3 Must-Have Kids' Wagons of 2014

I very rarely categorize anything as a must-have, but I truly believe that there are some things that simply make a childhood better and more memorable. Therefore, those things are must-haves, like the best wagons for kids in 2014.

These wagons, although marketed for this year, are a mash-up of timeless concept and modern ingenuity. Each listed among the list of the best kids' wagons is perfect for summertime pull-alongs and neighborhood strolls. And they all have at least 2-person seating for siblings or friends.

With that said, I have carefully chosen a selection of 3 that would make any youngster squeal with absolute delight...


Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon

This wagon is exactly like the one I had growing up! The design has been revamped to incorporate safety features for modern kiddos, such as: sturdier steel, all-rubber tires, and complete turning radius with no-scratch edges.

The wagon is colored in classic, shiny red that is rust-resistant and easy to maintain; however, children will need to stow-away their wagons (out of the elements) when they’re not playing with them. This keeps the wagon in like-new condition for generations of playtime.


Step 2 Neighborhood Wagon

I loved the concept of this wagon because neighborhood friends are awesome. And riding along in a huge wagon with those aforementioned pals is even better.

Perfect for preschool playground or daycare backyards, this wagon is equipped with a cozy interior for 2. There are small cup-holders for juice boxes and sippy drinks, as well as a stow-away compartment for small toys, sunglasses, or snack-filled baggies. Toddling tykes can have their picnic in a roll-around wagon with their nearest and dearest friend!

For storage, the handle folds away, making the wagon more compact to nestle into nooks and crannies.


Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon

A luxurious alternative to the steely classic, this wagon is all about comfort and keeping your kiddos cozy. The smooth seamless exterior is a deep-red, contrasting the plush beige interior – with a matching UV-protective canopy. Plus, the handle is easy grip and shaped to accommodate smaller hands.

The harshness of mid-day sunshine can be tough on your toddler’s skin, which is why this safe, secure wagon takes an extra step forward in comfort with a fold-away canopy. The non-tip axels and seat belts ensure 3 times the safety of a traditional wagon, and kids can have on-the-go picnics while a designated adult pulls them along.


The vid!  2014's top 5 picks in wagons for kids:

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