Wednesday, October 1, 2014

RC Helicopters That Bring Families Together - Top Picks

Very few things are as important as family. As a matter of fact, it is a challenge for me to think of ANYTHING more important than bonding with my youngster, and I know hundreds of parents who feel the same way. Which is why I strive to pick knickknacks that bring kids closer to their parents because those toys may be something the entire family can experience together, such is the case with the best remote control helicopters of 2014.

Remote-controlled helicopters have been around for decades, and they are incredibly entertaining and fun to maneuver – regardless of your age. Plus, they are the ultimate bond-together toys for parents, kids, siblings, and anyone who wants to join in the amusement.

My top 3 picks among the entire list of the best RC helicopters this year are:


Air Hogs R/C Rollercopter

I love the idea of the Rollercopter!

RC choppers are prone to accidents and bumps, and those occasional boo-boos are not always operator error. Sometimes anything can affect the high-flying skills of a copter, such as wind, drizzling rain, or slight changes in breeze patterns. However, the Rollercopter is a smart alternative! Instead of leaving the chopper’s fate to chance, Air Hogs has encased the chopper in a cage of flexible, durable plastic. This allows the helicopter to reach maximum altitudes without the chance of irreparable damage if it should come tumbling down.


Air Hogs Battle Tracker Firing Helicopter

Another Air Hogs favorite – the Battle Tracker is a unique, awesome chopper that provides gameplay to operators. Kids, friends, and adults can snag several of these choppers for rounds of multi-player action. Or they can play singly, shooting down targets on high-flying missions.

Plus, the Battle Tracker is PACKED with cool features – such as 18 missiles, 7 reloadable discs, and a shooting mechanism to launch everything at top speeds. Furthermore, an intelligence chip memorizes operator flight patterns, and there are flying capabilities to keep the chopper steady.


Haktoys Video and Camera 17” R/C Helicopter

This chopper is the definition of adventurous bonding time! While the outside may appear to be your average, run-of-the mill RC copter, there is actually a video camera and recorder attached to the center-front. Instead of high-flying blindly, siblings, parents, and kiddos can take turns exploring, recording, and filming their landscapes from the comfort of the ground.

Then, when their in-flight journey is over, the footage can be downloaded and reviewed from a high-in-the-sky point-of-view.


Video - top 5 picks based on popularity + reviews during 2014 - RC Heli's: 

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