Thursday, October 2, 2014

3 Toys to Get Kids Excited About Science

To the point – science toys should be entertaining, attention-grabbing, imaginative, and educational, which are challenging attributes to find when you are searching through hundreds of toys per day. However, I have stumbled across 3 – a proverbial triple-threat of awesome science-oriented knickknacks that are guaranteed to have your youngsters jumping for joy about their next science experiments and learning projects.

These toys offer a creative outlet for kids, as well as a way for them to learn about the awesome things that can occur when things are combined, blended, and created. Plus, these toys can be used anywhere – at home, in a home classroom for home-schooled kids, in a public classroom for public-schooled kiddos, or truly anywhere.

And those 3 magical, super-cool picks among the best kids' science toys are:


Uncle Milton Moon In My Room

Named appropriately the “moon in my room,” this set brings the beauty of the moon to your home. Instead of heading outside to try to see through the clusters of clouds on a rainy evening, kids can explore the craters of our moon by simply pressing a button. This moon cycles through a dozen phases, and the glow is luminous, realistic, and perfect for use a bedtime nightlight. Truth be told, I have definitely added this to my personal wish list for the holidays!


Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden

A personal favorite – the Butterfly Garden gives children (and kids-at-heart) the opportunity to nurture and nourish baby caterpillars into flourishing, beautiful butterflies. The habitat is made from collapsible mesh, and it can be reused over and over again with numerous caterpillar-to-butterfly projects. There are mail-in order forms that snag kids their caterpillars, and food for those crawly, furry insects are included. They snack over a period of days, grow, cocoon, and morph into lovely butterflies that you can set free in your own backyard.


4M Crystal Mining Kit

Exploring caves and caverns is one of the great wonders of our lifetimes because those underground holes hold so much grandeur and awe-inspiring beauty, especially when it comes to their natural crystals and gems. This set allows science-minded cuties to explore the wonders of caves from the safety of their homes. No spelunking required! Included in each set are 8 crystals and gemstones, encased in crack-open plaster that children have to whittle down with plastic picks. When they have dug through the “dirt” like true archeologists, they can admire their treasures like true geologists.


Sa-weet!  And - here is a cool "top 5" list of the best science toys for kids in 2014:


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