Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Greatest Spy Toys for Curious Little Spies-in-Training - Best Picks for 2014

Years of researching and composing the most awesome lists of toys has taught me something… kiddos are naturally curious and eager to learn more about EVERYTHING. And with super sleuths around, who could blame them?

When I was growing up, the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew took center stage in my bedtime reading, and the game Clue had myself and friends captivated for hours.

Though now, there are some of the best spy toys for kids worldwide. Instead of simply reading or playing a board game, youngsters can become the sleuths they always dreamed of being.

My top 3 picks for those awesome spy toys are:


Spy Gear Ultra Range Walkie Talkie

The one problem I always had with Walkie talkies was the distance that I could go before the signal would fail. This was way before texting was invented, and talking long-distances required landline telephones or dial-up Internet access.

Now, technology has come a tremendously long way, and we are blessed with these – Walkie talkies that have a range of up to 2 miles. That is clear, concise, amazing communication wherever spies-in-training may go.


Rear View Spy Sunglasses

We have heard the expression “I have eyes in the back of my head,” mainly from our parents when they knew we were doing things we shouldn’t have been doing. And I bet these spy sunglasses would have come in handy for them back then!

On the exterior, these look like typical, traditional sunglasses. The black shades are shiny and perfect, without as much as a scratch on the clear lenses. However, the interior is a different matter entirely. Separated into 2 segments, kids can see in front of them through regular spots in the lenses, and behind them through mirrored spots on the outer edges.


Spy Gear Field Agent Spy Pen

In my humble opinion, no great spy is complete without their trusty, super-cool spy pen - after all, someone has to write down the awesome messages of their detective journey.

These pens makes decoding and writing experts out of every spy-in-training, as they are overflowing with awesome gadgets.

Plus, for those times when transcribing is a must, kids can press a secret button to start recording the many conversations they have with their prospective villains.

When the recorder is on, a miniature red LED is subtly shining on the side, letting little spies know that the pen is working.


Here is an ultra-super-007-cool video - spy toys for kids in 2014:

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