Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Best Ride-On Toys for Boys in 2014

The 2014 ride-on toys for boys are over-the-moon amazing! And, for all you parents of eager toddlers, here is the major reason why these ride-on toys are so awesome.

Ponder this:

When someone has a toddler-age son, other parents become sympathetic in a giggling way. They pat your back and, with empathy in their eyes, relay horror stories about how much your newly-toddler tyke is going to get into. Fortunately, you know that most little lads get into the most trouble when they’re bored – and instead of being one of those sympathetic parents, you plan on breaking the cycle of terrible-twos by getting your cutie something to occupy his time.

This is where 3 of the best ride-on toys for boys 2014 comes in:


Maxi Micro Scooter

A unique alternative to traditional scooters, the Maxi Micro has learn-to-steer technology that teaches kiddos how to “drive” their ride-on. It is a perfect first for ages 6-12, and the entire construction is different. For example, there are 2 wheels in the front – set apart to distribute weight and keep kids rolling smoothly.

While there are 2 mini-wheels on the back – set close together to establish better balance and optimum stability.


Step2 Thomas the Train Up and Down Roller Coaster

Face it – Thomas the Train rocks! He is an absolute must-have in any form, and the fact that he is a ride-on here is amazing. For ages 2-5, Thomas is featured as his typical train-style self with a friendly face and contrasting shades of red and blue.

Thomas is the actual ride-on car. The track is comprised of 4 snap-together pieces, making a 9-foot rollercoaster for toddlers when everything is assembled. There are also 2 steps that can go on either side of Thomas, giving kids a no-slip way to climb aboard.


Kid O Go Car

Curves are simply better when it comes to cars – even ride-on ones. The Go Car is unique, imaginative, and made from high-grade plastic that is domed into a seamless vehicular replica. The rooftop of the car is the seat and grasp-friendly handle, while the headlights offer a sense of realism.

Available in awesome blue, red, and green, the Go Car also features 4 durable wheels of molded rubber for smooth-rolling amusement. The speed of your youngster on this ride-on depends entirely on how fast he kicks off from the ground. This one rolls best on sleek surfaces, such as sidewalks and hardwood flooring.


Find the current top-sellers and highly rated ride-ons for boys this year:

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