Thursday, October 2, 2014

Classic Wooden Kitchens for Young Chefs-To-Be

Cooking has always been a hidden passion of mine. I say hidden because not every one of my recipes has been accepted with zest and enthusiasm, but hey – I try. Wink!

This hobby of mine started with imaginary meals for both imaginary and real friends and family, and I believe that is where most kids come into their desire to cook and create stunning dishes.

For this reason, I have carefully, expertly picked 3 of the best wooden kitchens for kids. However, not only are these constructed from tried-and-true wood, they are also classics; something that you may have been familiar with when you were growing up.

The 3 best kitchens, in my humble opinion, are:


Melissa and Doug Cook’s Corner Wooden Kitchen

This corner-side, classic kitchen is ideal for teaching your young chef how to prepare the best imaginary dishes. It is equipped with the usual amenities of a working kitchen, such as a stovetop, miniature oven, and kitchen sink.

But there are also extras, such as the nifty cutting board, timer alarm for when meals are prepared, and hide-away shelves. There is also a serving area where guests – both real and imagined – can pick up their food.

One of the greatest facts about this awesome kitchen is that it can fit anywhere in your home.


KidKraft Vintage Kitchen (White)

I think I may love this kitchen so much because it has vintage in the name – and because it reminds me of something I would see in an episode of I Love Lucy. Awesome!

While this particular kitchen set features a mixture of white and chrome amenities, there are actually varying colors for your youngster to choose from. Each kitchen comes equipped with the usual appliances, such as a faux fridge, freezer, stovetop, and oven – but there are added benefits, such as the microwave, serving shelf, under-the-sink cupboard, and real turning knobs.


KidKraft Deluxe Let’s Cook Wooden Kitchen

This kitchen is slightly more elaborate than the previous entries, as it has enough space for multiple kiddos to do their imaginary cooking at the same time.

The name proudly states the obvious – LET’S COOK! And this kitchen is positively PACKED with amenities to make it stand out.

The colors are bold and primary with complementing reds, yellow, and blues over a white base. Plus, a scenic background with a window provides a realistic backdrop behind the sink.


Here is a video "shortie" - cute top picks among wooden toy kitchens for the kiddos 2014...

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