Friday, September 13, 2013

A Trio of the Very Best Stuffed Animals

When I was little, I had a huge collection of teddy bears and baby dolls lodged in my toy-boxes and at the back of my closet. They swarmed the bed, mostly because there was never one of anything that had absolutely everything. These plush, timeless additions to my childhood are still lying around somewhere, shoved away in boxes to revive nostalgia someday.

Fortunately, the best stuffed animals of present have everything a child could ask for in one, two, or a maximum of three, convenient, easy-to-tote forms. Unless your kid is simply a collector (as I once was), they’ll be happy carrying around a trio of these very best stuffed toys throughout their childhoods.


Pillow Pets Dream Lites Rainbow Unicorn

I wish these were around when I was a kid! This unicorn is rainbow-colored and brilliantly lit from within, emitting glowing stars across your kids’ bedroom ceiling. It’s a blast-off into soft starlight; one that lulls youngsters to dreamland in shades of yellow, green, or blue. The plush is also equipped with a button-tap timer to shut off the lights automatically after 20 minutes of constellation creation. At 11 inches long and made from velvety material, this pillow pet is a cuddly bedtime buddy and nightlight all in one.

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Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light

Encouraging of a peaceful night’s sleep, these twilight constellations display a multitude of colorful stars across your child’s bedroom. The stars are in an adjustable red, blue, or green, and numerous for counting before bedtime. The act of counting is actually supposed to lull your child to sleep, much like the age-old trick of counting sheep or backwards from 100. After 45 minutes, the little ladybug shuts off, plunging the room into darkness for an effortless, uninterrupted rest. The stuffed animal itself is also cuddly, huggable, and perfect for snuggling!

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Super Mario Brothers Bowser Plush

In 1985, Bowser became the pentacle of timeless villains in the first-ever Mario game. Now, kids (both modern and at-heart) can relive the monstrous awesomeness of the ultimate bad-guy in a soft, plush recreation. At 9-inches long, he’s perfect for cuddling, snuggling, and constant carrying around, earning his place as your child’s favorite bedtime buddy. The details are elaborate and colorful; however, some cloth pieces are glued on, so parents should be cautious and stick to a recommended age of 5 and up.

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