Friday, September 27, 2013

A Triplet List of Popular Toys for 8-Year Old Sweethearts

There are an abundance of toys for girls age 8 and up, but only 3 have really caught my eye for the following short-list. These toys have fulfilled the criteria of being creative, imaginative, educational, and entertaining, all rolled into one. They’re colorful, cutesy, and perfect for miniature sweethearts who long to be everything under the sky.

With no career path in sight and only dreams flooding their minds, these toys nurture a little girl’s make-believe world, allowing her to travel through imaginative scenarios. She can float through a virtual world of interactive stuffed-animals, have a fashion contest with ghoulishly glorious monster-ladies, and traipse through Barbie’s mansion as an interior designer. Your little girl can be anything her heart desires with these knickknacks!


Furby Boom

Have you ever heard of a Furbling? These unique and polka-dotted Furby cuties are from a virtual city, where golden eggs are the hidden commodity and Furblings hatch on a regular basis. The stuffed-animal is interactive and acts just like any other Furby, except with “Boom,” there’s a whole new world to explore when this Furbling comes in contact with the downloadable app. Boom is nurtured and loved into a thriving, one-of-a-kind personality by your caring little girl! All of her experiences in Furby City will mold your daughter’s Furby into a sweet, loveable Furbling.

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Monster High 13 Wishes Twyla Doll

You’d expect the daughter of the renowned Boogie Man to be this fabulous! Twyla is a super-gorgeous superstar with long locks of blue and sea-green. Her outfit is fringed and fantastic in allover teal, navy, and lilac, giving her a charmed, delicate, yet sassy, appearance. Her look is classic and bewitching! She’s accompanied by her faithful pet, Dust Bunny, and several accessories to make her even more amazing. She’s rumored to capture the nightmares of her new-found friends, replacing them with sweeter dreams.

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Barbie Dream House

Barbie has always been the cream of the crop when it comes to fashionable designs and dream houses. And now she’s living up to her fame and popularity with a brand-new multi-tiered home for her new-found friends to decorate. The house is (of course) allover pink and decked gracefully to incorporate 3 stories and 6 rooms. It’s stocked with amenities and all the accessories needed to entertain, amuse, and redesign for hours on end. Your girly-girl will have a blast!

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