Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Top 3 Toys for 9-Year Old Girly-Girls

When it comes to a top 3 list, the best toys for girls 9 years of age and up, seems to be one that’s worthy of a tackle. There are numerous lists for knickknacks for the younger broods, but 9 is a difficult age; the true in-between of childhood and those dreaded teenage years. Little girls of this age are usually enamored with several things all at once – fashion – art – beauty – creativity.

The following play-sets have each of these concepts in mind, encouraging girls at this tender age to feel self-confident in their appearance, happy with their creations, and accomplished in their abilities.


ALEX Toys Friends 4 Ever Bracelet Kit

Some little girls are social butterflies, collecting friends easily and effortlessly. While others have a few close friends in a tightknit circle. Whatever type your girly-girl is, these bracelets are perfect for gal-pal remembrance. There are components to create 22 unique, vibrant friendship bracelets with tons of colored floss and patterned decorating beads. The carrying case is compact with a fabric handle for simple transport from one sleepover to another playdate. It’s a popular knickknack for get-togethers, all-girl craft classes, and solo creation for presents on special occasions.

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Project Runway Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio

Your miniature cutie would probably fight tooth-and-nail to design her own mix-match of clothing and fashionable accessories. When I was younger, I often left the house looking like a Disney princess because that’s the drawing that was most prevalent in my coloring book. Now, modern little girls can create similar inspiration with a designated sketch portfolio for all their fashionable drawings. She can fill the sketchpad with personal creations across pre-drawn models. Templates featuring skirts, blouses, patterns, and awesome accessories will jog your sweetheart’s imagination.

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Ultimate Nail Studio

Adorable and creative, this kit fits snugly inside a cutesy spa-bag for on-the-go pedicures and manicures wherever your sweetheart travels. She can color her friends in vibrant, glittering hues with polishes and beautiful decals for each fingernail. But that’s not the best part! Also included for the full spa experience is a custom nail dryer, running on 2 AA batteries to assure perfect, smooth nails in seconds. The colors are dazzling with flecks of glimmer in each vial, giving nails a just-painted, always sleek appearance. Your little girl can be just like her female role models in polish that is 100% safe for everyday use and wear.

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