Thursday, October 17, 2013

3-Year Old Boys’ Toys for Chilly Weather

The seasons are turning frigid and it’s time to break out the light jackets and long-sleeve shirts. It’s also likely time to pack-away spring/summer knickknacks in favor of gadgets your little guy can play with indoors.

I’ve compiled a short-list of awesome baubles for your toddlers! These 3-year old boys’ toys are perfect for getting in-tune with your child’s flourishing imagination, making it possible for youngsters to play make-believe from the warmth and comfort of their own bedrooms through those seasons of chilly weather. The following toys have been thoroughly researched and considered for their positions on this top 3, and they’ve been found (according to parents and the kids that love them) to be ideal for inside amusement when outside isn’t an option.


Mega Bloks First Builders 80 Piece Bag

Packed with 80 blocks in all primary colors, this bag is perfect for a first-timer! Megabloks has been around for a very long time, entertaining and amusing youngsters while giving them a crash-course in building. Kiddos can create nearly anything with these blocks, and they’re all loaded into a convenient, eco-friendly, zippered storage-bag. It’s practical, award-winning, and ideal for miniature architects-to-be during those chillier months of the year. Or whenever, really.

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VTech Switch & Go Dinos – Jagger the T-Rex

He’s got the moves like Jagger… the T-Rex, that is. Standing a little over a foot tall, this dinosaur is the epitome of super-cool and ultra-awesome – both words of which your kiddos would use in a heartbeat to describe him. In an instant, Jagger plays over 90 primitive sounds and realistic phrases – he also walks and interacts with 20 voice commands. His mechanical construction allows him to go from small T-Rex to bulldozer in mere seconds, while the built-in voice-recognition box is handy for discerning between newfound friends.

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Vtech Innotab 3S

Available in blue or pink, the 3S is a communicative tablet with kid-perfect and child-appropriate applications. Youngsters can game in educational, entertaining ways without parents being afraid of what they might find on the Internet. There are parental locks for age-specific learning, and the built-in WiFi allows only top-notch, parent-approved images, video, and dialogue. Additionally, a handy communication app known as Kid Connect allows parents to download and participate in 2-player games between the Innotab and a smartphone or adult tablet. There’s also a Micro SD card-port for expansion of internal memory that would be added onto the already spacious 4GB.

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