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3 Out of 10 of the Top Toys for Early 2014

In a highly-ranked list of the top toys for 2014, 3 of those 10 stood-out as being the very best in educational value, kid-perfection, and parent approval – all things that make the most difference. While some of these knickknacks have become prevalent at the tail-end of 2013, they’re all expected to make a bigger splash amidst youngsters in the upcoming new year.

In demand and positively super-cool, each of these toys is enhancing to a kiddo’s ever-thriving imagination, encouraging them to think outside the box and discover new and interesting aspects of their personality through play.



Zoomer is one pup that won’t ruin your carpet with piddle-spots and bite-marks! This adorable canine is comprised of mechanical parts with a realistic doggy’s interactive, playful spirit. He zooms from one place to another, wagging his tail and learning simple tricks with basic voice commands. A built-in recognition software allows Zoomer to seek-out and recognize his new friend’s voice from across the house. He can also perform small stunts – such as flipping over, laying down, shaking paw, and playing make-believe fetch. He’s perfect for kiddos with pet restrictions where they’re living. Or even as a responsibility gauge before getting a real pup.

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Leap Pad Ultra

The Ultra is everything you might want a 6-year old's tech-wise device to be! It's 100% sheltered, interesting, instructive, and strong for hours of beneficial playtime. There is likewise a huge space of 8GB to load-down with over 40,000 gaming apps, films, music, and e-books. Drawing, perusing, writing stories, taking pictures, and communicating has never been so helpful and simple. For a guardian's peace-of-mind, the inherent WiFi is outfitted with Kid Connect – a project that squares-away unpalatable Internet material, offering only the best in child-appropriate Web content.

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LEGO Minecraft – The Nether

The Nether is the darker-realm within Minecraft! With a total of 469 stackable blocks, there are hundreds of ever-changing options in a convenient, compact cube. Mini-figurines of ghastly ghouls and deteriorating zombies make-up an entirely different biome from the original Minecraft. As an extra bonus, this particular attachment goes right along with likewise Minecraft miniature play-sets. Considered “micro,” The Nether can be combined with other sets to create an entire network of underground tunnels, darkened caves, and monstrous entryways where villainous creatures lurk around every corner. Anything could happen in your child’s thriving imagination.

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