Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Great Boys’ Toys for 5-Year Olds in Early 2014

The best 5 year old boys' toys for this year are likely the same ones that have soared to popularity in the remaining months of 2013. There are imaginative, creative, and educational knickknacks for every young man’s budding personality – whether he wants to be a builder, tech-savvy, engineer, artist, and everything in between – or all of these things at once.

The following are what I consider to be the best toys for 5 year old boys 2014 - perfect for those post-toddlers that are just discovering their likes and dislikes. Some of these are also ideal for siblings, as they’ll teach sharing, manners, and life-skills through simple playtime.


Disney Planes Dusty Crophopper Remote Control Plane

From Disney Pixar’s Planes, this is Dusty Crophopper – the lead character that is coincidentally and ironically afraid of heights. Dusty’s fears might be unfounded, but he’s unprepared to conquer them, which is where your kiddo comes in. Instead of high-flying with Dusty, children can grasp his R/C wings in both hands and pretend to be soaring through the clouds. In turn, Dusty will wind and weave across your youngster’s makeshift runway, wings outstretched and head held high. Decked in allover orange with a signature sprinkle of fake dust on his tail and wings, Dusty can conquer anything with his new friends.

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Imaginext Rescue City Center

Has your little boy ever talked about becoming a firefighter? Saving lives as a policeman? Or does he simply stare out the window and patrol the neighborhood? Occupy his thriving imagination with a cityscape that focuses on rescue and recuperation. Outfitted with a super-cool Fire Station, Police Command Center, and Hospital, this cityscape is ready for the everyday crisis. There are hundreds of possible make-believe scenarios that your cutie can act out with a miniature firefighter figurine as his sidekick.

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Crayola Marker Maker

Crayola makes everything better! Loaded with creativity and encouraging of a child’s naturally flourishing imagination, this play-set makes 16 markers by blending favorite colors. The primary colors are mixed to create swirls of new, exciting hues – such as red and blue twirls will make a purple when they meet in the middle, giving a cool color-change to drawings. Whereas, yellow and red will make orange, but only when they merge in the center -- the upper part and bottom remain the starting shades. It’s a nifty way to promote a child’s thriving creative urges, granting them a unique perspective when it comes to making art.

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