Friday, October 18, 2013

3 Awesome Toys for 4-Year Old Pint-Size Pals

Toddlers are in the prime of developing their friendship-making skills! When these cuties are on a playground together, it’s instantaneous best-friends at first sight. And sometimes those playground buddies become pint-size pals for life with at-home visits and special playdates.

Why not nurture your child’s interest in friends by gifting them with toys that enhance their manners and sharing skills? The following best toys for 4-year old boys encourage imagination and education between 2 or more youngsters (or even solo). These knickknacks lend more to awesome learning experiences and will strengthen the bonds between your little boy and his buddies.


VTech Switch & Go – Jagger the T-Rex Dinosaur

If you’ve never seen a T-Rex transform into a bulldozer, here’s your chance! Named after a hardcore rock-legend, Jagger is ferocious in his own right. Standing at 16” tall and weighing in as the biggest of the Switch & Go Dinos, he’s a fierce beast with a strong loyalty to newfound friends. His motorized actions include walking, driving, and launching a nifty drill from the tip of his sharpened tail. He also follows 20 simple voice commands, pays attention when his pint-size pals are speaking, and plays over 90 primitive, realistic sounds for youngsters’ enjoyment. If anything has moves like Jagger, it’s this guy!

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Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Blades the Copter-Bot

Friends can take turns reveling in the awesomeness of this super-cool Copter-Bot! Straight from the same planetary ring as the tried-and-true Transformers, Blades is a heroic robot with his mind on justice and the protection of innocent civilians. He changes effortlessly from vehicle mode to mechanical mode and back again, while his blades become rescue hooks and recuperation devices during times of need. In his automobile transformation, he resembles a rescue helicopter with a realistic spinning chopper-blade and dual wings.

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Fisher-Price Imaginext Super Friends Batcave

Batman and Robin are protecting the infamous Batcave from the inside out! This heroic super-duo is constantly under attacks from their most notorious enemies. And those villains will stop at nothing to find an entrance into the Batcave! Kiddos can vocalize and imagine a dialogue between their favorite superheroes, creating a storyline that involves Batman and Robin saving the day once again. Or perhaps not. With turning figures on disks, super-fast firing projectiles, and a Batcave elevator, kids are encouraged to act out their favorite scenes from the Batman movies and cartoons.

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