Monday, September 23, 2013

Triple Knickknacks to Enhance & Nourish Young Minds

In the following short-list, you will encounter a triple-threat of keen, cool knickknacks for the sole purpose of enhancing, nourishing, and entertaining young minds. And those are the most ideal, best toys for 6-year old girls. Anything that allows a child’s imagination to bloom completely, while encouraging learning and amusement in a safe, fun way, is top-ranked on any knickknack polls.

Without further ado, these toys are the best for your babies, whether they’re artists, fashion-fabulous sweethearts, or miniature scientists-to-be. They’ll have tons of fun, enjoy every minute of it, and learn new things in mere hours.


Monster High Music Festival Doll Venus McFlytrap

The newfound scream queen of Monster High, Venus McFlyTrap is the ghoulish daughter of a plant-based boogeyman. Her hair and face are absolutely beautiful with a side-swept style, zigzagged with pink, green, and pitch black. Her lashes sweep across iridescent cheeks that are beautifully powdered with makeup in deep purple, with a tinge of pink for her voluptuous lips. Her curvaceous figure is decked in geometric patterns, lending little ladies the opportunity to recreate her look with multiple, designer clothing. She’s an enhancing, nurturing addition to any fashionista’s blooming repertoire!

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Razor A Kick Scooter

You might be asking yourself why a scooter is on the list of most enhancing toys – in which case, rest assured that childrens’ minds are nourished and nurtured with the sense of freedom, confidence, and independence that comes from riding solo on a Razor A. From a young age, your sweetheart can maneuver from A to B with the power of her own kicks. Traveling next door to a friend’s house or around the driveway in effortless, and the wheels will even glide over grassy terrain. The appearance is streamlined in chrome and pink, providing a beautiful, ultra-sleek appearance for girly-girls.

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Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine

Goldie is an inventor who encourages her new-found friends to be independent, free-thinking scientists. She shuns all things princess in favor or an inventor’s challenged mind, working with basic engineering and spatial skills to better understand mechanisms around her. With this play-set, creative kids will learn and build, nurturing the minds of a next generation of female engineers. There are cranks, axles, blocks, wheels, and 14 design templates to get your gal started on the path to invention. There’s also a storybook that tells the tale of Goldie Blox!

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