Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dolls & Furbies Galore: A Girl’s Childhood BFFs

Dolls have always been noted as some of the best toys for 7 year old girls. And while that’s still a tried-and-true concept, Furbies have been added to the childhood list of friends that a little lady can accumulate in her toy-box.

The following 3 dolls and Furbies have made major impacts on the interactive, friendship skills of many a sweethearted youngster. Rife with educational value, and simply adorable, these toys will be your girly-girl’s greatest childhood companion – someone she can whisper her dreams and secrets to without fear of judgment. These toys are like diaries and best friends all in one snuggly, cuddly combination.


Flutterbye Flying Fairy

These flutter fairies were once really popular in the 90’s, and now they’re back for modern generations. Tipped in glitzy glitter, the Flutterbye can soar from her cloud into your daughter’s thriving imagination. Each fairy type is designed a little differently, from subtle changes in hair-color to more noticeable alterations in their wings. She dances, twirls, swirls, and flies in-style across your little girl’s imaginary world. Her wings and dress are molded for a slight billow as the wind rushes past her lithe, graceful figure. She’s the epitome of what miniature cuties would imagine a fairy to be.

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Monster High Scaris Catrine DeMew

Catrine is the creepy type of gorgeous that can only be found at Monster High! Her artistic style is represented by a purple, pink, black, and silver patterned ensemble, complete with a chalkboard purse that features a Paris scene. Beautiful and vibrant, DeMew is furrrocious as a traveling chalk-artist, on the hunt for a perfect place to lay down her ideas of color and creation. She’s an aspiring crafter and drawing expert extraordinaire! Also included with the doll are her stand, super-cool artist’s belt, and a diary to map out her most fang-tastic adventures.

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Furby Boom

Boom goes the Furby because the Furby goes Boom! Okay… so that might have been awkward, but it’s the fun diddy that will immediately spring to the minds of older generations when they spot this polka-dotted cutie. These Furblings have built their own virtual city that surrounds the furry toys. Kids will get the actual stuffed animal that talks and interacts just like any other Furby, then they’ll get the “boom” when they download a Furby City app. Boom explores the Furby city on missions, golden-egg challenges, and interaction with other Furblings.

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The above are all items from the list of the top 10 toys for 7 year old girls 2013 - here is where to find additional picks for girls in this age range:


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