Monday, May 23, 2016

The Best Kids’ 2016 RC Cars with the Coolest Features

When it comes down to the "best of" remote control cars for kids, cool features are going to win out because there are so many RC cars on the market. The ones with the coolest features are usually the most popular choices for RC-loving kiddos, and most of them are themed, making these RC cars even cooler.

With a few must-have features in mind, like all-terrain wheels and a tough, sturdy design, I scoured the inter-webs and retail stores to find the absolute best of the best kids’ RC cars. From a huge list, I handpicked three that have the best reviews and the biggest youngster following. The pros and cons were weighed extensively, and these RC cars came out on top.


Air Hogs Batmobile R/C Vehicle

Cloaked in black, this Batmobile is an RC replica of the Batmobile original from the awesome Batman movies and television shows. The caped crusader would totally approve.

This particular one is built with the features from the new movie, Batman vs. Superman—a film that received mixed reviews, but everybody loved the Batmobile.

There are brushed metal details along the back and sides for a bulletproof, sleek look, and the front features 4 LEDS and a sharp-shooting turret.

The controller is emblazoned with the signature Batman logo.


Maisto R/C Rock Crawler

The Rock Crawler is a personal favorite of mine because it looks like a big, mean monster truck.

The rough-and-tumble wheels are big on traction, giving kids an edge over less-than-pleasant terrain and inclement weather.

There are two motors within this RC must-have, one in low gear, for quick shifts to amp up the speed.

The truck frame sits on big wheels, but the structure is solid and balanced, which keeps it from toppling over.

Good news for hardcore RC drivers.


Kid Galaxy Mega Morphibians RC Turtle

Dear 90s kids, do you remember Animorphs? Those cool kids who could transform into animals? The Mega Morphibians RC car is kind-of the same concept, only with a more vehicle and animal combination.

This one resembles a turtle…a ferocious one that would be best left in the pond. Ha!

Decked out in blue with slit, yellow eyes and a mottled yellow shell, this RC favorite features rugged tires that function on both land and in water.

The controller is simple with a strong signal that leads this fierce tortoise through muck, mud, and rocky terrains.


Here is an additional resource - a video list to take a look at this spring and summer's top 5 picks in R/C cars for kids:

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