Monday, May 9, 2016

Three Funky Outdoor Playhouses with Tons of Features for Kids

Spring/Summer 2016 - Outdoor Playhouses for Kids

When I was a little girlie, Internet, tablets, and tech-savviness had not been invented yet. Therefore, we relied on outdoor activities, like jungle gyms and playgrounds, for our summertime fun. Which means, we wanted funky, feature-rich outdoor playhouses for kids—ones that we could spend all day playing with, and never get bored.

The coolest kid was automatically the one in the neighborhood with the coolest playhouse. And the coolest playhouse was the one with heaps of awesome features to inspire our imaginations.

For your viewing, reminiscing, and shopping pleasure, I have handpicked three funky outdoor playhouses for kids. In this context, funky is a good thing.

These playhouses are packed with inspiration to get your kiddo’s imagination running.


KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse

I dig this funky playhouse because it reminds me of a log cabin. The craftsmanship is WOW, constructed with weather-resistant wood in a light contrast to the bright red roof and trim, and lush, nut-brown door, shutters, and letterbox.

Great for a couple of kiddos at once, the playhouse is lovely.

The structure and appearance give little ones more to incorporate into their imaginative playtimes—at least that is what I take from this playhouse.

Also, the construction is sturdy, but lightweight, meaning parents can easily move this little cabin from one grassy backyard destination to another without breaking too much of a sweat.


Step2 Naturally Playful Storybook Cottage

I love how this playhouse is named the Storybook Cottage. Like direct from a fairytale about three bears, a little girl with golden curls, and bowls of steamy porridge. Or, maybe another tale about a hungry witch in a gingerbread cottage, luring a young pair of siblings to their doom with the promise of candies and confections.

When I see this playhouse, my imagination runs absolutely wild, coming up with fun, pretend-play scenarios from my favorite childhood stories.

Looks-wise, the cottage comes with an interior table, cut into a cute, leafy shape—plus a small kitchenette.


Step2 Neighborhood Fun Center Playhouse

The most decked out feature-wise, this outdoor playhouse from Step2 is a fun center that accommodates multiple youngsters at once.

Snack-loving tykes will love the picnic area, complete with an open-faced serving area.  Perfect for playing restaurant.

This little area has two bar stool seats and a snack tray, complete with a crawl-through portal for eccentric little ones who would rather not use the door.

Also includes a curvy, bright red slide.


Here is a short-list video - more outdoor playhouses to check out for spring and summer 2016:

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