Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Best NERF Guns for Battling Zombies & Ghouls

If your little ladies and gents are like everyone else in the modern world, they are all about zombies right now. Zombies have it all—the creepy, crawly, scary, gross-out elements that make a good horror movie monster.

These reanimated shamblers are everywhere—kids shows and Halloween movie specials, and lots-a young adult books.

As a matter of fact, your youngster is probably playing zombies vs. humans right now with their neighborhood friends. Maybe. If the weather is warm and the ghoulish mood is right.

With big, zombie-loving imaginations in mind, I concocted a short list of three of the best NERF guns 2016. From the Zombie Strike collection, these blasters are must-haves for engaging in imaginative backyard battles with the walking dead. Plus, for kids who know their horror movie monsters, these blasters are work well on ghouls, goblins, and ghosts too. Wink!


NERF Zombie Strike Doominator Blaster

Holy firepower, Rick Grimes! Thanks to The Walking Dead series, zombies have made a ferocious comeback.

The Doominator ensures those shamblers stay down the second time around.

Kiddos can use their imaginations to chase down ghoulish flesh-eaters, making their mark with 24 foam darts, launched in rapid succession from 4 flip-over barrels.

On a side note, I am lovin’ the details of this blaster. And the name is super cool, combining doom and dominate to make a new word that describes the NERF’s awesome action.


NERF Super Soaker Zombie Strike Dreadshot Blaster

If zombie movies have taught us anything, it is that those undead fiends are relentless.

Dreadshot is a super soaker blaster, which means it pumps 24 ounces of chilly water from double barrels at creeping ghouls.

It only takes a single pump, and the water reserve is easy-peasy to refill.

Even zombies can be taken down with enough H2O firepower! Keep a water hose handy for refills.


NERF Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster

One of my favorites, the FlipFury is detailed to look old and slightly makeshift—like maybe it broke once or twice, then someone fixed it with duct tape and string.

Thumbs up! Very apocalypse worthy.

This blaster comes with 12 foam darts, separated into two flip-away barrels with a firepower of over 40 feet. Wowwie! Run zombies, run.

The trigger packs a wallop of fast action, making it easier to center, whack, and obliterate undead targets. Yep, those pesky monsters never stood a chance.


Find the 2016 video short-top-5 list of NERF guns - spring and summer:

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