Monday, May 23, 2016

The Best Scooters for Toddlers This Year

2016's Best-Selling and Top Reviewed Toddler Scooters

Independence is the name of the game in the toddler years. Kiddos are on the go, now more than ever, which means “get-around” toys are at the height of popularity. 

With this in mind, I have compiled a small list of 3 of the top toddler boys' and girls' scooters for 2016. These scooters are decked out with the best, latest safety features, and designs that kids can customize to match their unique personality. 

What I love about the following among the best scooters for toddlers is their durability and adjust-ability. I handpicked a trio that would last for a while, well into a toddler’s childhood. Little ladies and gents will go absolutely gaga for these get-around toys that are all their own. 


The 3 in 1 is an original, innovative design that literally transforms as your kiddo grows. 

With a few switches, slides, and snaps, the scooter goes from cute ride-on, to first-time scooter, to first-ever balance bike. 

Almost every component is adjustable, including the seat, handlebars, and wheels.  Balance, coordination, and concentration are encouraged through each phase. 

I also love that the seat is detachable and adjustable for the sake of comfort and safety. 

Right now, this scooter is available in pink, blue, and green, but the sleek structure is customizable if your youngster has reusable stickers or decals. 


Razor is an amazing brand known for their tremendous scooter-making skills. The Lil Kick is one of theirs, but for toddlers. 

This means better balance and superior stability to help little ones learn how to “scoot” anywhere they want to go. 

Now available in blue or pink, this scooter has a three-wheeled design with a low, stable deck, and a foam-padded T-bar. 

The handlebar is adjustable, the deck is slip-resistant, and the “grow with me” design ensures a couple good years of customizable scooting fun.  


This scooter is beautiful in light blue, but it also comes in pink and green (as of now). 

Dubbed the Learn to Turn, there are two centered front wheel and a single back wheel for optimum stability. 

The smooth, precise positioning of each wheel encourages better balance for controlled steering around challenging corners. The handlebars feature gripping foam and a quick release for convenient fold-away storage and tote-anywhere capability. 

Call this scooter one of my favorites because the lean-to-steer elements prevent more injuries. 


Here is a video short-list (top 5) of the best scooters for toddlers this spring and summer:

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