Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Most Creative LEGO Sets for Kids Age 6 and Up

LEGO is all about creativity. You take a bunch of colorful building blocks and construct something from nothing. This is an especially amazing feat when youngsters are the ones doing the creating.

For this reason, I handpicked the most creative LEGO sets for kids age 6 and up. There are three creative sets in the upcoming list, and each one is themed to appeal to things that kids love to do or watch, like superheroes, cupcake shops, and boxes of bricks for free imaginative reign.

If these LEGO sets don’t strike your fancy, they are likely to inspire you to find the perfect theme for your kiddo. From the LEGO City collections, to basic brick boxes that require nothing but time and imagination, there are thousands of sets that your 6 year old would love.


LEGO Super Heroes Superman Vs. Power Armor Lex (6862)

In early 2016, the new movie Superman vs. Batman was met with mixed reviews. However, kids loves the dynamics of superheroes battling it out.

This LEGO set pits enemies Superman and Lex Luthor against one another. Wonder Woman is there to help Superman take down Lex, but Luthor is decked out in an armored, robotic Power Suit. Scary! The armor is constructed from kryptonite—Superman’s only weakness.

There are well over 100 bricks here, and each one goes into building a moveable structure with signature Superman and Wonder Woman weaponry from the DC Comics series.


LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box (10696)

Sure, there are bunches of themed LEGO sets, but this one has a simple, basic approach.

There are over 450 building bricks in this box, in a variety of vivid colors. Other components include wheel rims, window frames, green (grass-colored) baseplates, and googley eyes.

These boxes are the best, and my favorites, because kids have to use their imaginations and inner creativity to come up with amazing things to build.


LEGO Friends Heartlake Cupcake Café (41119)

I looove cupcakes, especially chocolate ones. Or, ones with rainbow sprinkles. …or, ones with strawberry filling. Or, really, any cupcake is an awesome cupcake, usually.

Kids who feel the same as I do about these delicious treats will love imagining and “making” their own cupcake concoctions. Then selling those miniature cupcakes in a cupcake shop, with Stephanie and Naomi as bakery assistants.

There are over 400 bricks, all used to build a custom cupcake café with lots-a interior and exterior décor.


Here is another list to get ideas from - top LEGO sets for kids during the spring and summer of 2016:

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