Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Handheld NERF Blasters For Backyard Battles

Backyard battles are an epic part of a fun, active childhood! Whether kids are running around with the water hose or playing an intense game of hide-n-seek, there's nothing quite like playing outside with friends, parents, or siblings until the sun goes down.

To add an extra "oomph" to typical games, like cowboys and Indians or "war," there are the following best NERF blaster guns. Designed to be handheld, compact, and rapid-fire, these 3 blasting classics are an ideal addition to summers in the sun.


1. NERF N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Blaster

For impromptu combat, this blaster could literally fit into the pockets of overalls or loose jeans. It's also easily hidden and grasped, with only 3 Elite darts that fire at a range of 75 feet. It's a sneak attack machine! With a cocking handle, the gun's similar to a short-range weapon; however, the force of air-pressure behind each dart launches them greater distances, taking out opponents from farther away. Kids can conceal and draw fast for an element of surprise!

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2. NERF N-Strike Maverick

Radical and eccentric, like the heroic cowboy with the same name, this blaster varies in color but retains the same strong, fire-power. In the initial package, there are 6 Micro Darts with suction cups ends for easy finding. The blasting mechanism is air-powered with a quick-reload function in a rotating ammunition barrel. Plus, a gripped handle provides an extra boost of power with pump action. It's a stealthy option for command in a friendly, outdoor war!

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3. NERF N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

Looking for pump action in short order with a long range? This blaster delivers! With a firing distance of 75 feet, the Strongarm features a rotating barrel for simple, quick reload for 6 Elite darts. There are also 2 shooting versions -- rapid fire and regular shots. The rapid-fire is activated by a slam trigger, while regular shots are taken by aiming and firing as usual.

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NERF blasters seem to be released on a pretty regular basis!  Here is where to find the current top sellers:


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