Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The 3 Best Wooden Toy Kitchens

When I was a kid, I was constantly in the kitchen with my grandmother, learning to cook and getting in the way of everything she was trying to do. Thanks to her, I developed recipes on my own, gained knowledge of ingredients, and spent years playing in a kid-friendly plastic kitchen that was just my size.

Nowadays, children who love to be under-foot while their families cook can pretend in durable, steadier, better play areas. I'm talking about the best wooden toy kitchens!

The following 3 have ranked high on my "awesome" scale are:


Melissa & Doug Cook's Corner

This miniature kitchen is too cute for words... but I'll try. Kid-sized and made from the strongest wood, the workstation is perfect for those little nooks around a family's home. For children who want to cook at the same time as Mom or Dad, this play-set fits at an angle in any kitchen cranny. Young chefs will delight in their 3-burner cookware, with an oven and clicking, turning knobs; plus, a fridge, sink, storage shelves, timer for meals, and cutting board.

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Alex Toys In My Kitchen

Colorful and cozy, this junior kitchen features a peek-through oven door, temperature control knobs, and top burners --(all fake, of course). When paired with a strong imagination (and a few pre-made snacks from Mom), this corner kitchen becomes a miniature chef's paradise. They'll learn how to wash their hands regularly after preparing food, hang pots after use, and where to accessorize with kitchen necessities. The wooden construction is built to last!

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KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen

The aforementioned kitchens have been corner-sized and smaller; whereas, this wooden structure is larger for cooking fun for hours. It's equipped with a fridge, dishwasher, microwave, washing machine, cook-top, and everything a child would need to pretend to be the world's best at-home chef.

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