Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Top 3 Toys For 7-Year Old Builders

Building is a classic method of play for most youngsters! I remember begging for blocks and tinker logs from a young age, because not only were they entertaining, but I imagined I could make anything.

This concept hasn't changed for children! Which is why building blocks and LEGO sets are some of the best toys for boys age 7 and up.  They're durable, easily cleaned up and stored away, and perfect for releasing your lad's inner architect.

With that said, there are 3 (in no particular order) that I have dubbed "the best of the best," as each set on the following short-list are imaginative and useful in teaching kids basic motor and coordination skills.


1. LEGO City Loader and Tipper

139 pieces of construction fun, this set is all about mining for gold! Miniature workers use the tipper and loader to pull crystals from a huge rock, piling into the rubble with their hatchets and timed dynamite. A warning sign goes on the outskirts of the construction site to warn passersby of the dangerous conditions, while miners work diligently in their hard helmets. Assembly is quick and easy, and kids will loads of entertainment afterwards as they dig for long-lost gems.

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2. LEGO Captain America's Avenging Cycle

Captain America is battling The General and his disciple once again! In a battle for the safety of our planet, kids will structure 72 pieces into a war we can win. Featuring 3 mini-figurines, Captain America's brought his cycle along for the ride, as his nemesis relies on a fully-weaponized aircraft. There are flick missiles, a C.A. shield, and folding wings to make the Marvel fight interesting! For the laziest foot soldiers in the villainous duo, there's also a missile stand that requires a casual stance and the press of a trigger.

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3. LEGO Star Wars AT-RT

For true Star Wars enthusiasts, young and not-so-young, this 222-piece set features 3 mini-figurines and a massive, buildable model of AT-RT. Yoda's here too! Little boys can ride into battle on a personalized contraption from the SW franchise in under a few hours, which is usually the time it takes to build it. The legs and arms are articulated with a wide range of movement, as well as a swiveling laser cannon and ruthless, blaster storage. Plus, assembly isn't set-in-stone, as kids can decide to take out some pieces and add new ones for a fully-customized look on a popular favorite. As our long-eared, green friend would say, "Repel Droids he must!"

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