Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Top-Selling LEGO Games For Adventure Seekers

After researching the top-selling LEGO games, it became apparent the most of them are centered around scenarios of bravery. Pirates, wizards, and ninjas are popular options, as children (especially little boys) enjoy creating dangerous, courageous scenes, complete with heroes and hordes of villains or natural obstacles.

Which is why the following short-list is for those adventure-seekers and LEGO lovers; the ones that are bold, headstrong, and daring with a streak of competitive, artistic stubbornness. Families will especially enjoy having these building alternatives on designated game nights!


LEGO Minotaurus Game - 3841

From a well-known myth of mayhem, love, and ultimate betrayal, this game revolves around the mighty Minotaur; a creature designed to protect the secrets of a famous labyrinth. It's said that the exit to this maze was the entrance to Hades for mortals who wished to save their loved ones from fiery torment. With this game, the premise is to find the entrance to the underworld by locating the guarded temple. Shift walls to block other heroes, cleverly avoid the wrath of a roaring Minotaur, and uncover a room of treasure -- all in one LEGO adventure.

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LEGO LGS Pirate Plank - 3848

Argh! LEGO just wouldn't be as awesome without pirates! In this game, kids have to strive to be the last scallywag standing. The back-story is that your Pirate Captain found his entire crew trying to steal his beloved treasure. Now, everyone must walk the plank! With quick elimination tactics, players have to knock opponents off their boards, ruthlessly feeding them to the sharks beneath. Included are 122 pieces that make up the ship, a rule booklet with building instructions, 1 buildable dice, and 5 buccaneer mini-figurines. Survive the Captain's wrath to win!

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LEGO Creationary Game - 3844

Containing 341 LEGO pieces, this game is extensive, requesting the utmost creativity when playing. Within, there are also 96 challenging activity cards, a rule booklet, 2 figurines (micro and mini), and a single, buildable 6-sided dice. To play, 3 to 8 players will roll the dice for a chance at selecting one of four building categories: building, nature, things, and vehicles. Then, they'll attempt to stump their opponents by drawing a creation card and making the specified structure. There are also 2 modes of playing that can range anywhere from 30-60 minutes of active gaming. It's a 3D test of artistic ability, general knowledge, and building skill!

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