Thursday, April 11, 2013

Answers To Common Swing Set Questions

The best wooden swing sets are classics, made from durable, high-grade materials that are weather-resistant and capable of withstanding years of everyday use. Unfortunately, swing sets can't talk; therefore, they can't soothe the mind of concerned parents who are seeking answers to their playground safety and accessory questions. The Q&A that follows is a short-list of the most commonly asked questions regarding wooden swing sets, their strength, and what can be added to each structure.

1. What's the most important safety feature?

On wooden playgrounds, the most important safety features are the joints. If you have reliable joints on the outer edges of the play-set, then you've got a playground that will last a decade or more (if well-taken care of). Most companies, such as Gorilla Play, will use triple-joint construction to ensure strength and security. They'll ensure the swing set can handle multiple children at one time; plus, each joint will hold together bigger beams, also adding to the stability of the entire structure.

2. Is wood better than plastic or steel?

Yes! While typically less expensive, the plastic and steel sets are also less reliable and deteriorate quickly. Whereas, the wooden swing sets have been stained and treated with safe chemicals to ensure termites, rot, and mold won't destroy the playground from the inside. Playgrounds, such as the Swing-N-Slide Hartsford Wood Complete Play Set, are made from natural materials, giving them an elemental edge over their man-made competition.

3. Can I add accessories later?

Most parents will settle for a less appealing playground because wood isn't easy to drill through, meaning not many accessories can be added. However, modern brands have improved the quality of their swing sets, making it easier to add or subtract as many accessories as your kids deem necessary. For example, the Swing-N-Slide Lindley Wood Play Set is simple (at first), but a few adjustments and your kids will have an extra swing, trapeze, and multiple add-on play areas.

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