Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kick Scooters For Cool Kids

You're probably reading this article right now because A) your little boy or girl has begged you for a method of transport around the garage, or B) you're curious and planning for when your little boy or girl begins the begging. This is why scooters for kids 6 years and up were invented, helping parents prepare for the first age of post-toddler independence.

When it comes to riding high on a new mode of rollin' awesomeness, kids will appreciate the funky colors and cool trick combinations they're capable of -- while parents will show more gratitude towards a sturdy build, durable 'life-span,' and high-grade safety precautions. Combine any of these short-listed scooters with a helmet and knee/elbow pads, and you've got a decked out and happily energetic free-bird on your hands.


Maxi Kick Scooter

Lightweight and easily maneuverable, this scooter is a power punch for any kid who craves a smooth ride over the open asphalt. Dubbed one of the hottest scooters of the season, the Maxi is a kick scooter, meaning your post-tot will have to use leg power to get it rolling. Two thick double wheels in the front and a single wheel at the back offers optimum sidewalk-surfing conditions to the amateurs and seasoned pros of up to 120 pounds. An adjustable handlebar makes it easy for your child to ride for years, while the rear fender brake is patented to last.


Razor A2 Kick Scooter

Spindly and lightweight for a single-handed fold that makes storage a cinch, this scooter is available in 5 cool colors to appease the pickiest hue-concerned kids. Aircraft grade aluminum makes up the frame, settled atop a wide deck and urethane wheels to provide spring-less shock absorption that results in an effortlessly smooth ride. Powered by your child's hardest kicks, this is the ultimate way to travel and play.

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